Reader deals 1/30/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.



  • Outlander found: “Rachel, Percy Jackson just went down from a few days ago.”
  • She also found candy and biscuits: “And a couple of more great Irish/ British deals to go with that awesome tea. Fantastic price and a must buy!!! Shipped from England.”
  • A tip from maggie: “Speaking of slow cookers, i just found a bunch of free Kindle cook books for slow cookers! Look for Kindle “slow cooker free books” and you’ll find them. Always handy in case I need fresh ideas!”
  • D comments: “Ive got this [autumn leaves necklace]–VERY pretty, well worth the 2 bucks but it took literally 3 months to get”


  • A scenario from Julie: “Great Money Maker scenario for the PG deal this week if you have the right MCM coupons. I had a $5/$20 hair care and a $2/$10 oral care. Buy 6 Pantene ($3.50 each) and 2 Oral B cross action battery powered toothbrushes ($5.99 each) Total $32.98 Use 3 BOGO Pantene, one $3/2 and one $2 peelie (I was lucky enough to find one) Use two $3/1 Oral B Use $5/$20 hair car and $2/$10 oral care Now you are at $4.48 + tax with a $10 ECB coming back.”


  • A question from bigmoney: “Anyone know the specifics on the pub burgers 2/$4? Ad only says 8 oz. In past they were 8 oz burgers, 2 per pack. Deal! Hope it’s the same this time.”
  • Katina says: “Everyday Essential coupon in Sunday’s paper for .75 off any EE product. EE soup was .69 which makes them free. Also EE seasonings 2/1.00. Southside Jewel!!”
  • Ana reports: “Also the palermo pizza is now 2/$10 not bogo.”
  • Ashley says: “The ones I was talking about are now changed to $3.99 each they said because of the coupon issues with them being BOGO.”
  • A question from Pam on the Tribe coupon: “Which previous Jewel Big Book? I have December & January & I don’t see it in either booklet.”
  • Maureen asks: “On the popcorn/pop deal, any one know if other flavors of pop are included other than what is shown in the ad?”


  • Pampers deal idea from Mary: “Jumbo packs are usually between $10-13 most places. At $10, you could get 5 packs for $50, use $1.50 off each, get $5 oyno, $5 mperks 4 day instant, $10 baby reward, and $10 visa. That’d be $12.50/5 jumbo packs or $2.50/pack. At $13, you could do 4 packs to hit the $50 threshold. I didn’t figure out higher amounts because I don’t generally have that much extra for stocking up.”
  • Melissa says: “I also think you can still save 5% on baby purchases if you use your meijer credit card. I do not remember the end date but it was listed in the ad that ended today.”
  • She also shares price info: “I got pampers jumbo packs at meijer this week. They were 8.99. Pretty sure that was the regular price.”
  • But Kaitlyn noticed: “On my home screen it says the 5/50 10/100 and 15/150 is and insta t savings on your purchase, but after I clip and look at it in my coupons it says it’s a oyno…any one else?”
  • Lisa reports: “I did the deal today.. 4 packs of cruisers, 4 packs of baby dry, 3 packs of swaddlers and a package of wipes. each pack of diapers were 8.99 and the wipes were 1.99.. I had 1.50 off each pack (2 of which I clipped on Mperks) and .50 off the wipes. I got 5% off for using my Meijer card. I got $10 from Mperks off for spending $100 (btw.. it says per transaction on it.. can I use it again?) I will hopefully get $20 in rewards (I will know in a day or so) if not definitely $10. I got $15 OYNO and a rebate slip for P&G for spending $30… my calculations come to 31.04 with tax and all rebates, rewards and OYNO.. Umm and I don’t technically have a baby. I take care of one 50 hours a week. 😀 Her parents appreciate my couponing.”
  • From Rangerdave: “Friday and Saturday only, all Meijer are running additional sales on clearance items in the following categories: –Additional 25% off women’s apparel –Additional 50% off school and office –Additional 50% off toys –Additional 50% off fishing, baseball, bikes, and camp chairs. Clearance tables will be set up in addition to the regular clearance locations.”
  • On the Morningstar deal, Silvia says: “even better deal if you have some rewards to redeem the coupons off Kellogs Family site.”

Online deals

  • Suzann says: “Check out–sale on seasonal foods. No free shipping but you want find this quantity in the stores. I got peppermint bark tins for a $1.00 each– several recipes I want to try using this bark and a chexmix(two peas and their pod).”


  • Cathy sends over: “The Oswego chapter of the national advocacy group Mothers and More is having its Spring Children’s Clothing/Toy Resale Saturday, April 12 from 8am to 1pm. ( The bi-annual sale will be held at Long Beach Elementary School, 67 Long Beach Road in Montgomery. Items will be half price from 12pm to 1pm. There is a $1 admission fee at the door and NO STROLLERS are allowed on the sale floor. Please park in the rear parking lot of the school and enter through door #8. Interested sellers can register online at or e-mail the organization at Items for sale include children’s Spring/Summer clothing, indoor/outdoor toys, infant equipment, maternity clothes and much more. For updates, more information and tips on selling and buying be sure to like our Facebook page. Proceeds will benefit Mothers and More of Oswego and Long Beach Home & School.”


  • An Iams price report from Kelley: “I was there today and saw that the regular price of the regular sized wet cat food was 1.09 and the smaller were .75.”
  • Grace in Hot Deals asks: “Anyone have any experience with these [Forever Garden seeds]? GMO free it sounds like?”
  • Cari posts on Facebook: “Coupon wallets $1 each at Target found in dollar spot. Load the 20% off dollar spot onto your cartwheel and $0.80 each. You can only buy 4 per transaction with cartwheel.”
    coupon wallet

Ultra Foods

  • Something dea spotted: “The pepsi mini bottle are also included in that deal so u could use the $2/2 pepsi mini I think it was in 1/05 inserts!”

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  1. Meg says

    I found Impressions (from Isotoner) slippers for $1.94 in Target. But was marked as $6.48. originally $12.99.
    I just did the price check. Even target employees were surprised to see that price.
    Few other shoes like hello kitty and Merona were ringing at $1.49- $1.94.

  2. erin says

    Maureen I bought Diet 7-up and it worked. I tried to do the Palermo Pizza deal and they would not let me use the $2/2 because the pop was free with the popcorn :(

  3. julie says

    Also at Ultra, the Pepsi 6 packs of 24 oz bottles are included in the 4 for $8.88. The $2/2 pepsi multi-pack bottles from the 1-5 inserts covers these as well. I’d recommend these over the minis, much better price per ounce

  4. liz says

    only till midnight professionals..i received and email for $5.00 credit for the website continuing have some 1.0 credit classes for $5.00 so get it free and if you are a first timer to this site they give you your first class free so you can pick a expensive class free then use the promo code for the $5.00 one so 2 free..its late in the day but you can probably buy he class now and save it for another day to do! nurses it directs you to and I dint find a $5.00 course so I stayed on the contining ed site

    • says

      Actually, we’ve always been able to. Since the register “upgrades” when everything now beeps, stores have gotten a lot more hinky about taking them, so now some are and some are not.

      • julie says

        CVS’ coupon policy is vague in this area and many stores seem to be defaulting to “if it doesn’t scan, it must not be right” You might want to try giving them the $off coupons before the BOGO. That way at least one of the BOGOs scanns correctly then the others beep, and the cashier may push them through.

  5. Suzann says

    Kroger is clearancing the Pillsbury refrigerated cookie chubbs for $1.00 (gingerbread, sugar and today I noticed that
    chocolate chip was included). There are $1.00 coupons off 1 (SS 12/08)–free cookies. At this price, one can experiment all
    one desires. Unfortunately, coupon expires today.

  6. jennyh says

    i forgot when or who asked, but it was an inquiry about the cheapest price for organic milk. After lots of research…. I have found jewel has the cheapest organic milk. 5.79/gallon for their store brand organic. Meijer is $6.50 or so, and walmart doesn’t sell by the gallon (if you buy in 1/2 gallons the price goes up per gallon). I noticed aldi started carrying organic milk however in my location (elgin) it was only the 2% variety and it was over $3 a 1/2 gallon, so still more expensive than jewel.

    HOWEVER, I have noticed that Meijer’s expiration dates on organic milk go out much further than jewel’s do (although with 2 kids drinking organic, ive always used it up far before the expiration date.

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