Reader deals 1/28/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Caroline in Hot Deals is a fan: “My mom used to work at the company that made them. They used to have an outlet store and the CuddiDuds were never discounted much. I still have some of the tops that she got me. Been over 30 years but they still hold up to every wash.”


  • Something to look for from Jen k: “At CVS yesterday, I got $3 off $10 shampoo in the coupon machine, plus I had an email Q for $6 off $30 in beauty. I bought 10 Pantene, 5 BOGO Qs, 5 $2 off peelies plus the $3 and $6 cvs Qs…def a money maker for me! Darn tax, though”

Dollar Tree

  • Chris shares: “DT also has Beauty Benefits cosmetics and nail polis. It’s a Wet n Wild brand (and says so right on the front). Check both beauty aisle and near front registers.”

Hershey’s spread

  • Sandra on Hershey’s spread: “I participated in a focus group taste test about a year ago for this product. It’s basically like melted Hershey’s kisses. Although it tastes great, I’m not sure what you’d use it for. They gave it to us on crackers or bread – just seemed a little weird to eat it that way. If you want a dessert topping, I figure that chocolate frosting or chocolate syrup is what you need.”
  • And seachicago shares: “Here’s an article that is on Yahoo today, ranking Nutella and “impostors.” I guess one of the Hershey spreads is supposed to be chocolate and hazelnut.”
  • Chris F. says: “Saw this in Walgreens-but about $4.59 regular price. Not sure if it looks tasty or not,I’d rather have Nutella !”
  • Mary’s reaction: “I received a jar of it through and personally it tastes nothing like a hershey’s bar in a jar. I thought it would or a hersheys kiss. It does smell like cocoa when you open it, and it is definitely full of sugar. Other than the Hydrogenated Oil in it, the other ingredients aren’t bad. I would stick to buying Nutella though. My son likes it with peanut butter on a piece of bread as a snack.”


  • Ashley shares a scenario for tomorrow’s ad: “You can pay $7.47 for four popcorn, four pop, and two large pizzas! The pizza is BOGO $7.99 The popcorn is BOGO $2.99 with two free pop Buy two pizzas for $7.99 Buy four popcorn and four pop for $5.98 Use two $2/2 tearpad and two $0.75/2 Orville and one $1/2 Palermos Pay $7.47”
  • And BethP spotted: “There was a $1/1 Tribe hummus from a previous Jewel Big Book that doesn’t expire until 2/1 – so $1.49 for two after 2 coupons!”
  • Christi reports: “I picked up [Essential Everyday] long grain brown rice today – .69 each!”


  • Jennifer found: “wet n wild eyeliner (.93) free with $1.00 coupon from. 1-26R2.” I saw nail polish at the same price as well.

Phone service

  • Janine’s experience: “We had vonage for 2 yrs, were happy with the quality etc but not the price, starts at 19.99 to get you hooked and next thing it’s over $40 a month. I’m not familiar with magic jack people have mentioned but we have ooma now and are very happy, we paid $100 for their modem etc now it is free. We could choose to pay for extras like international calling, email of vm’s etc but the free version is great!”

Reader requests

  • A question from Priscilla: “I have been trying to print the voucher for the free auto show tickets, but can’t. I have used 4 different computers and cannot get it to print. Anyone have any luck?”
  • April wonders: “Does anyone knows how Target coupons printing is tracked? I can only print 2 of the same kind of coupons on one of my compuers, but when I try to print the same coupons on my second computer, website tells me that the print limit reached! It was not like that before. Is where any way to avoid that tracking? Anyone else have the same problem lately?”


  • Nikki reports: “The 7 ct Bic pens at Target are currently $0.69. The Target q is only good on 12 ct (and larger?)- I don’t know the price on the 12 ct. They also have a 4 pk of multicolored dry erase markers for $0.99 currently.”
  • Alex is wondering: “Did you see what barcode the cashier scanned by any chance [when the DiGiorno coupon deducted the maximum]? There’s the barcode below the picture and a barcode on the right hand side. Makes deal even better when the maximum value is added in.”


  • A deal through today from Ashley: “The Eggos and Kelloggs cereals are free without coupons just the new KFR promotion. Up to a $4.49mm with coupons!” You’d need to find specially marked boxes for this to work.
  • She adds a few more, also through today only: “And for EE stuff: Cream Cheese $0.04 with coupon, Apple Juice $0.24, Vinegar $0.24, Sandwich bags $0.74, Big Bags of Fries $1.25, 12ct Bath Tissue or 8ct Paper Towela $3.24”

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  1. jo says

    i just recently discovered they make cuddlduds for adults….. i love them for my kids!! the kids cuddlduds have thumb holes and elbow pads to make them functional and lasting :) but kohls has them on clearance/sale often, then offer another 30% off…..

  2. cheryl says

    I was at Target tonight and was planning to buy the Bic pens for . 69. When I gave the cashier the $1 coupon she said store policy was not to accept any coupon over the cost of the item. Has Target changed their policy? I had plenty of things in my cart to absorb the small overage on the two packs I was buying.

    • says

      No. Their policy is actually to adjust down to the price of the item, although usually they just scan it through. She should have taken the coupon.

  3. julie says

    For April, I’ve had other weird issues with target’s printable coupons on one of my computers too. I don’t think its the print tracking, I think it is more likely some glitches on their site. In my case, their site keeps telling me I need to install their coupon printer app, although I’ve done so over and over again.

  4. Susan says

    I had that exact same issue with target coupons yesterday– I had printed a couple at work on Monday, then while I was browsing through the coupons on my iPad at home, it was telling me I had reached the print limits on the coupons I printed the day before at work…I was very curious how they knew! Only thing I could think of was because I was signed into my target account..and I think I may have been signed in when I printed at work the day before… I then went to my laptop at home, made sure I wasn’t signed in, and was able to print no problem. So you might want to make sure you’re not signed in when printing coupons..Hope this helps :)

  5. Ana says

    I was at jewel today and the Palermo pizza is no longer bogo. It is 2/$10. I also didn’t see the gm deal on free case of water? Is this only at certain jewel location?

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