Reader deals 1/27/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


Car care

  • From LauraL: “Merlin mufflers is giving away $30 gift certificates to the first 2000 people to upload a picture of their odometer over 80,000. As of late Sunday night, they still had certificates.”


  • A print suggestion from Suzann: “I seem to find J Dean crumbles on clearance a lot. Quick and easy way to enhance a store cheese pizza, make your own French bread pizza or use in a breakfast bake. Definitely printing!!


  • A scenario from silviavm: “so to prevent so much OOP i bought 6 of the pantene stylers at $21 and used the three bogo and three $2/1 peelies paying just $4.50, Since it is a tiered deal, I received a $5 ECB for spending $20. Then I bought 2 more stylers, three dawn hand renewal and a gallon of milk, used a bogo coupon, a $2/1 and a .55/ milk, 3 hand renew qs along with the $5.00 from the previous order. paid .41 plus tax and received $5 and $1 ecbs. Then I am scanning this for IBOTTA credit, is there an MM here? Not sure! certainly cheap!”
  • Kaitlyn suggests: “Check machine coupons! I have a $2.00 off $10.00 advil, aleve, excedrin, or cvs pain reliever. Should make for a $.53 money maker!”


  • Kim reports: “I saw the [small bottles of] Tide at Glendale Hts Saturday, in a display at the back between milk & pharmacy.”
  • Aimee found: “Jewel in Fox Lake has the Tide at 1.99, on display up front by the checkout lanes.”
  • Peaches comments: “I saw the Tide in the front of the store at the Green Bay store in Wilmette, but can you use the coupon on trial sizes?”
  • VB responds: “Trial sizes are the little pouches for $1 at Walmart. So since these are bigger can’t see how they can claim that these are trial. So this seems like a legitimate use of the coupon!”
  • And benita asks: “Which jewel had the small tides for $1.49?”
  • Jeanne adds: “I found the little bottles of Tide at the Oak Forest Jewel in little pop up displays before each checkout lane. They were priced $1.99.”

Joe Caputo’s

  • Tammy says: “Chicago Trib is reporting Joe Caputos has bought four Dom’s, Northbrook, Arlington Heights, Des Plaines and Elk Grove Village.”


  • Something to check for from Matt: “I got an e-mail from Kmart that promised me a surprise $10 in points if I spend $20 there.”


  • April shares: “I saw it on Hip2save: Free Biz magazine offers free 6 months subscribshion to Weight Watchers magazine. I subscribed to that, and later they offer a selection of other magazines for $2 only. One of them was 12 months All You magazine subscription. I think, that is the chiapest All You subscription I have seen.”
  • A tip from Mandy: “I hope you all check your library before you order magazines. Our library has Zinio and they have quite a few nice choices that you are able to load to your reading devices, no charge! Of course if there are coupons in them you would miss that, but, I just like to thumb through magazines when I want something to read for a few minutes.”


  • A tip from Sharisse for those buying Yoplait: “If they do cross, double check your Mperks Rewards for a $5/$20 diary. Doing the deal twice you will hit the reward. :)”
  • Leslie shares: “It is working at Meijer I got the CAT alert from there yesterday it runs from 1/27 thru 2/23 I also got a CAT alert for Morning Star Farms 1/27-2/23 Buy 3 get $2 Buy 4 get $3 Buy 5 or more get $4 They are on sale for $3 starting on Thursday”

Strack & Van Til

  • From cindy: “[Velveeta shells & cheese] are on sale at strack and vantil for 1.49 after the buy 10 kraft promotion. Gonna have to print me some out. My 6 year old loves that stuff.”

Phone service

  • Cari was not a fan of Vonage: “We had it….hated it. Terrible connection. We have magic jack now and no issues.”
  • Suzann’s approach: “For domestic long distance use your cell phone–both of our contracts include domestic. For int’l we use Skype.”
  • Jill shares: “We had Vonage for a few years and it was fine. We got off to a rocky start in the beginning. I had a really old computer at the time and it must have taken too much bandwidth. Once my computer was replaced we had no problems at all.”
  • Becky shares: “yup, love magic jack plus…and you only pay once a yr. much cheaper than vonage and the same thing essentially.”
  • A tip from Outlander: “Not sure if they still offer it, but you could get like 20% off if you pay for a whole year at one time instead of month by month. I use international calls a lot, and most countries are free. And they give you a local number to call on your cellphone to connect you to international numbers too. So even though my cell has service only for US, I can call that number and then dial my Europe number and its like I’m calling from home. You also set up online your address for 911 calls, and that if Internet goes out or any reason or you go on vacation, your calls get forwarded to your cell.”

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  1. Tori says

    Is there a link for the Merlin Car Care certificates? I looked around a bit and couldn’t find any info. We have 2 cars over 80,000 miles and use Merlin a lot! TIA

  2. Jen k says

    At CVS yesterday, I got $3 off $10 shampoo in the coupon machine, plus I had an email Q for $6 off $30 in beauty. I bought 10 Pantene, 5 BOGO Qs, 5 $2 off peelies plus the $3 and $6 cvs Qs…def a money maker for me! Darn tax, though :-)

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