Reader deals 12/6/13

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Sent over by feelgood: “$60 in store cats for a $500 VISA gift card Since you have readers nationwide, you might want to post this fantastic deal”
  • He adds: “And looks like they’re not as stingy as Jewel. The store cats pictured show a 12-26-13 expiration date…3 weeks!”


  • From Audrey on the AmazonLocal deal: “I had the 7-8 foot tree delivered yesterday that I paid $75.00 and Five Star Christmas said in their ad that it as a $179.00 value – What a disappointment – This tree is not valued a penny over $75.00 and if I had selected a tree for $75.00 it also would not have holes and the branches would be longer – NEVER AGAIN!”
  • Outlander found lightning book deals, one of which is still in stock: “One more good one [The Boys in the Boat]“


  • From Mandy: “Butera in Roselle has family packs of boneless, skinless chicken breast on sale for $1.49 a pound, limit 3.” And: “Forgot to say the ad runs from 12/4/13 to 12/10/13.”


  • Something to check for from grandma g: “My JFU has the green onions for .39 but also gave me a .39 OFF green onions, limit 2 on each so 2 free bunches of green onions!”
  • On the store closing clearance deals, I found: “My favorite thing was the Pyrex 1 cup glass liquid measure. The sale price was $3.82, so $.91 after the 50% and $1/1 in the 11/17 SS. I already had one plus bigger ones but it is often convenient to have a second in that size.”
  • Claribel adds: “Add the $1 Ibotta for Pyrex, Trish!” Thanks! I just got my $!
  • From Michele: “Anyone know which dominicks on the southwest suburbs? I know homer glen is not participating.”
  • Gail adds: “Dominick’s has Fannie Mae candy at 50% off.”
  • A request from VB: “Yes can people post which locations they are finding the 50% off. Is it the ones that haven’t been picked up yet.”
  • Heather Grace reports: “Palos Heights is 50% off. Diapers are pretty much gone. Baby food and FORMULA on the 50% too. GREAT deals for new moms. Decent amount of soaps, toothpast, razors, deoderant etc. Spent 1.5 hrs there. Cookware also 50% off (cookie sheets, pots/pans etc). Bring your coupons! I went there to grab something fast and stumbled upon the sale so I wasn’t prepared. Don’t forget all your JFU coupons. HAVE FUN!”
  • An update from hollis: “There wad still a ton of stuff there when I was at the Batavia store at around 2″


  • From seachicago: “Another couple ideas for those Essential Everyday BOGO coupons at Jewel (11/17 RP, exp. 12/14): EE 64 oz. orange juice is $1.97, so about 99 cents each when you buy two. EE instant oatmeal is $1.99, so under $1 each when you buy 2. My kids are very picky and refuse to eat oatmeal that’s not instant, and that may be the best price I’ve ever gotten it for (used to get Dominick’s brand for $1.50 sometimes)!”

Online deals

  • Outlander comments: “Free shipping code for American Girl on orders over $100 with code CELEBRATE through 12/9.”


  • A find from Yvette: “This Meijer deal is better, but I have another soup deal to share. At Jewel in Glenview (Pfingsten and Willow), I found a shelf full 4-packs of Campbell’s Chunky soup for $2 in the clearance section. They are in the Wounded Warrior packaging, and only 1 flavor–Creamy Chicken and Dumplings. There is a sign that says ‘this store only’. I was able to use the same $1.00/1 (10/13 SS) for each 4-pack, making it $0.25 a can which is not bad. I only bought 2, so I don’t know if there would have been a surprise Catalina. I doubt it.” Unfortunately, that coupon is for Homestyle only, but still a good deal!
  • And one from MamaHan: “I just got back from the RM Meijer and saw that the tubs of cream cheese with 2X the protein have special $1 peelies on them, making them effectively free when you buy 10 of the participating items.”


  • Don posts on Facebook: “Petsmart 3 day sale – F S S , 20 cans Alpo for $10 – there is a coupon out there $1.25/10 – makes them 37.5 cents/can …..”

Reader requests

  • Cindy sends over: “I think that the McDonald’s happy meals recently (currently?) have Build-A-Bears in them and a store coupon.  We rarely eat at McD’s, but I would love to have a coupon to use for my daughter for Christmas.  Does anyone have one they’d be willing to part with?  Thank you! “


  • An idea from Charlotte in Hot Holiday Deals: “Walmart has the MLP toys at $4.12 each, take the coupon to Target and price match, and you can get them for $3.12 :)”

Toys R Us

  • From julie: “If you have spent over $100 at Toys R Us and/or Babies R Us recently, check out ibotta for a $5 bonus. Under baby and kids, the $5 deal show up under both stores. If you actually have a Babies R Us and a Toys R Us near you you may be able to do this twice. All the stores near me have the Babies R Us inside the Toys R Us. Not sure if this will work with online orders, but might be worth a try.”


  • Found by Ana: “Joliet/Plainfield Walmart on Rt. 59 has the packs of boneless, skinless chicken breast clearanced at $1.39 lb, if anybody was interested.”
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  1. Tori says

    Cindy – I have a coupon form the toys. It’s $10 off $30 purchase, valid on animals, clothing, and accessories.

  2. Anulka says

    I get flayer from Jewel-Osco “4 Weeks of Great Savings!” FreeFresh Express Spinach, free Jewel Large Eggs One Dozen, Jewel Milk $1.68 for 1 Gallon, $4.99 / lb Fresh Salmon or Tilapia Fillet, and more :)

  3. Nicole says

    I was at the Dominicks in Bartlett this morning and got quite a few things. There are great deals!!! The only stores participating are the ones that are not being sold to Marianos.

  4. Rebecca says

    About the build a bear toys at mcdonald’s – you don’t have to buy the food to get it. The toys on their own (and the coupon inside the bag the toy comes in) can be yours for about $1.50. I sometimes get the girl toys for my niece since I only have my son at home (and he’s not keen on the build a bears as far as I know)

  5. Cindy H. says

    Thank you, everyone! I knew I could count on you! Another wonderful person saw my request on the Mashup Mom facebook page and is sending me a coupon! Thank you for all your kind offers!

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