Reader deals 1/25/13

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Beth spotted:  “I was just at Aldi at Fullerton in the city and their hams were marked an additional $5 off. I got 2 butt portion hams approx 6 lbs each for $2 plus a little change. The shank portions were more like $5 after discount, but were larger, of course.”
  • Donna on Facebook found some too:  “aldis has bone in ham for $5 off at the register i bought 4 for no more the $3 each :)”



  • Catherine on Renu:  “If you are a member of the Savings Club there is a coupon for $2.50 off of this. Makes the Renu 49¢ after ECB.”


  • One from christine:  “Dominicks Deal/Mama Lucia Meatballs. I had $5.99 personalized price and they are on sale B1G1 free. Made for some reasonable meatballs. 2-38.4oz bags for $5.99 total.”
  • Lynn says:  “If you’re a K-Cup buyer, check your JFU to see if you have a Folger’s Gourmet Selections q for $1.50/1 (mine was loaded some time ago). With the $5 Friday price, this will make it $3.50/12 or less than $.30/k-cup!”
  • Karen comments:  “I was just at Dominicks and bought 2 of the 16 oz. italian fresh baked bread. The coupon(which I had added in JFU) makes them 99 cents each. Somehow after the computer took off the discounts I ended up with 2 loafs of warm bread for only 78 cents. This with no paper coupons so their computers mathmatics! Great deal!!!”
  • Paula M says:  “Received a Catalina Alert today at Dominick’s for Del Monte Canned Tomatoes (14.5 oz or larger) Between 1/28/13 and 2/24/13. But 3 get $1.00, But 4 get $1.25 or Buy 6 get $2.00 on a future order.  Del Monte Stewed or Diced Canned Tomatoes are on sale at Dominick’s through 1/30/13 for $1.00 less .25 digital coupon = .75.  I had printed 2 of the b1g1f coupons for Del Monte Southwestern-style Petite cut diced tomatoes with either Chipotle Chilies or Green Chilies. If you have two of the coupons you could buy four for $3.00 – $1.50 (2 b1g1f qs) – $1.25 oyno for a net of $.25 for 4 cans.  I unfortunately used my coupons today so hth someone else.  Also, my b1g1f took off $1.20 each not $.75 so even better.” The BOGO coupons were sent out to existing Del Monte subscribers, so check your email or stash for the coupons if you are a subscriber.



  • Charlotte points out that the free Egg Beaters are not just at Kroger:  “Food4Less people also have this one available. :)”


  • Kelly found:  “Today at Jewel in Elgin (Larkin) they had 8 packs of Schick women’s disposable razors (only the Hawaiian tropic scented) on clearance for $7.97 and there were $2 off coupons down the aisle. And- The regular priced four packs were $9.49.”
  • A find from K:  “I saw the java delight ncup – selected flavors I guess only and is selling for 2.99 until feb 4. Dark roast is included so I think this is a pretty good price for k lovers :)”


  • Lisa comments:  “While your there, Kroger is running a “Buy 10, Save $5” sale. I got some good deals for the upcoming Super Bowl:) Jose Ole family size Mini Tacos & Taquitos for .99 each. Use($3/2 recent printable) Activia 4 Pack-.49 (use the $1/1 01-13 S) Rotel Diced Tomatoes-.09 (Use 01-20 S .40/2 which doubles) Reach Floss & Tootbrushes -FREE-(use the printable or the 01-06 S1 $1/2) Wholly Salsa or Guac-.49 (use 01-06 S1 $1/1) Hefty Bags .25 (use 11-11 RP $1.50/2) or .50 (use 01-06 R1 $1/2) Heluva Good Dip-Free (use recent .50/1 printable) or .25 (use 11-11 RP .75/1 or 12-09 S .75/1)”

Reader requests

  • Kristin emails:  “My hubby is in need of some new undershirts (he disagrees).  Anyone know the best place to get a deal on men’s undershirts?”
  • Sheryl asks:  “As the Box Tops coordinator for my son’s school, people also send me Campbell’s soup labels. In the January 6th Smartsource, there was a bonus collection sheet. It holds 9 labels and a maxium of 25 can be submitted per school. I have 5 and was looking for 20 more. If anyone had additional and was able to send them to me, I would appreciate it. I can send a self- addressed stamped envelope their way.”
  • Josie asks:  “Does anyone now how much more or less the Skinny Cow 6-pack candy bars sell for at Jewel?? Thanks”
  • One from Laurie on Facebook:  “I am looking for a printer that is compatible with my ipad. I am not looking to spend a lot. Any suggestions? Thank you”


  • Leslie shares:  “I saw the Kreo mini packs at the Wheaton Target today in the Valentines section. They were $2.99 each.”
  • Jo found them too:  “I was at the Lake Zurich Target this evening and there were 5-6 packs of the microchargers in the seasonal Valentine’s Day section.”


  • Lorii tried the cheaper Nogii:  “I did too… did not get the RR.”

Weight loss

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  1. Charlotte says

    Kristin, I can tell you where NOT to get shirts: DollarGeneral. Hubby had some Hanes ones from WAY back that were getting old and dingy. I saw a deal at DollarGeneral on Hanes shirts. However, the quality compared to his old shirts was terrible.

  2. Kim says

    $2 one year subscription to All You! I know coupons have been declining over time, but I have wanted to try it and I figure over 12 months I will be able to get my $2 back?

    If you go to and select the free one year subscription to Better Homes and Gardens, it then offers you 3 magazine selections for only $2. All You is one of them!

  3. Kay says

    I’m doing the Earn Money Losing Weight 10% challenge. If you use my referral # it will increase my incentive . . . and reward! 1072716872

    If you do the video weigh-in get some friends to do it with you! It is traumatic and the support is helpful! And amusing!

  4. Lisa says

    Sheryl, no need for anyone to waste postage to send you the Campbells collection sheets. If you go to the Labels for Education Facebook page, you can print the sheet from there. Also, be careful, you can not use any 10 labels. Each sheet needs to have the 10 labels from the specific product category indicated. Good luck finding the magazines!

  5. Kerri says

    I’ve been filling up those sheets too for labels for education and found more online too. I have not been finding the people magazine!!!

  6. Allison says

    I think the skinny cow boxes are $4.49 at Jewel. Target has them for $3.49 a box but there is a better deal on the singles at Walgreens (through 1/26).

    • LauraL says

      Michael’s craft store used to have t-shirts. They were pretty cheap with the 40$ off coupon.

      Also, Menards sometimes has free t-shirts after rebate. Try Sears outlet too.

  7. LauraL says

    Today, at Dominicks in Oswego, they had a big table with 24 brownies for 99 cents. They were normally five dollars but were discounted because most were close to their expiration. I found a few packages expiring 1/27. You could probably freeze them for later.

  8. Sarah says

    How to get 12 $.99 Hallmark cards for just net $.88 at CVS:
    If you are in a region where the spend $10, get $3 ECB deal is for Hallmark, you can get 12 cards for 88 cents. Print 4 of the $2-off-3-cards Hallmark coupon that was posted by in the 1/24/13 Reader Deals post under the category Hallmark. I am trying to link to it here: You’ll need two computers to print 4 coupons, because it will only let you print 2 on each computer. Then, go to a CVS store and buy your 12 cards. Use 4 $2-off-3-cards coupons and pay $3.88 and get $3 back in ECB for a net cost of $.88 for 12 cards. (I discovered by accident yesterday when I bought 3 $.99 cards and used the Hallmark coupon that the total I spent showed up on my receipt as part of the Hallmark ECB deal (I didn’t think it would work for $.99 cards.) Today, I bought 9 more cards and got the ECB to finish the deal.)

  9. cindy says

    Sheryl- I have 4 of the Campbell’s papers you are looking for. I also was looking to send labels I have been saving to. If you still need these Campbell’s papers and labels please get in touch with me. [Edited by Rachel to remove address on public board.]
    Cindy Malouf

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