Reader deals 12/4/13

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • A recommendation from Outlander: “We have seen the Rudolph show on the opening night. Very cute! Recommended!”



  • Some things to check for from benita: “In my Just 4 U I have free Orbitz Gum-14 piece pack (under cookies, snacks, and candy) expires 1/31/14 and free Aquafina Flavor Splash (under beverages) expires 12/31/13. Not sure about the expiration dates since they will be closed prior.”


  • An idea from julie: “If you have any of the Essential Everyday BOGO coupons left you can get 2 [brown sugar] for $0.39 by pairing it with the $1 off printable.”
  • Krystle comments: “Quick question on the Tressemme deal? The ad pictures both types of Tressemme products (base/premium). Are you able to use 2 x $2.50/1 base 11-17rp, 2 x $2.50/1 premium, and 2 x $2/1 printable from from a coupk of weeks back? Since all coupons state limit 2 IDENTICAL coupons? Thanks for the help!” Yes, you can use two of each different coupon!
  • And she reports: “The “premium” products were also included in the sale price 2/$7.”
  • Outlander adds: “Yes, I just got back, and Premium treatments are 2/$7, but not Premium shampoos, so I bought 3 base shampoos and 3 premium split ends thingies. My $5 discount didn’t come off though, so she entered it manually. And my $20 cat wouldn’t scan either so she had to enter that too.”



  • Susan noticed: “Note the box in the ad that says ‘Save 10% if you turn in your Dominick’s card.’ :)”

Reader requests

  • One from Kimberly: “My sons want a PS4 , preferably from Target , since we have so many gift cards from there. Any advice on how to find one actually in stock before Christmas? Can you tell your kids Santa ran out of a toy?”


  • Annette posts on Facebook: “If anyone needs any turkey breasts, they are .49 cents a pound. And whole butterball turkey were .29 cents a pound. Great deal!!! This was at the Target in Willowbrook!”
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  1. chris says

    Re: PS4–You can always ask at the electronics dept of your Target to see if they have a wait list to call people when they come in. Otherwise, you can call them and ask when their shipment comes in and be there right when they open that day. Good Luck, they will be hard to find in stores before Christmas.

  2. Pam Alexander says

    Santa could always leave a coupon or a raincheck for one for when its back in stock if you are not able to find one, lol.

  3. Aimee says

    I didn’t see anything about turning in the Dominick’s card at Meijer in my local ad. Was it an ad for the smaller Meijer markets, rather than the larger stores?

  4. Silvia vega says

    I bought the orbit gum today. It is on sale for buy one get one free and I intentionally did not give the cashier my card because I wanted to see the price of the gum before loyalty card. Each rung up at 1.49 then .99 after card swipe but…when I checked the receipt it said that I paid zero for orbit and sure enough, TWO FREE! Again, not sure if not swiping my card till the gums were rung up made a difference but…!

  5. Shandelle says

    I have 3 freebies in my J4U for Dominick’s:
    Aquafina FlavorSplash drink (16.9 oz up to $.99 exp 12/17)
    Aquafina FlavorSplash water enhancement (1.3 oz up to $3.99 exp 12/31)
    Orbit gum (14 piece pack up to $1.49 exp 1/31)

    Also in the Kroger ecoupons, there is one for $1 off the same Aquafina FlavorSplash drinks as above and they sell for $1 each so FREE flavored water! If you can find them in stock.. I checked several Krogers around central Indiana last week while home for Thanksgiving and shelves were wiped clean. Perhaps Food4Less carries these??

  6. Julie W says

    I am a long time reader (since summer 2011) and I just wanted to pass on to everyone that I am a Thirty One consultant and I am doing a new special every day from now through December 10th. Example: Today’s special (December 5th) is: if you order today… for every $35 you spend I will give you a FREE everyday wristlet (A $28 value). If you want to see the daily specials, search my group “Julie’s Product with a Purpose” on Facebook or you can email me: [email protected]. Email me if you are interested in my website to take a look at the catalog! :-)

    • Julie W says

      If you are seeing this for the first time on the 6th, I will honor the 5th’s special for you if you mention you saw this on mashupmom :-)

  7. seachicago says

    Another couple ideas for those Essential Everyday BOGO coupons at Jewel (11/17 RP, exp. 12/14): EE 64 oz. orange juice is $1.97, so about 99 cents each when you buy two. EE instant oatmeal is $1.99, so under $1 each when you buy 2. My kids are very picky and refuse to eat oatmeal that’s not instant, and that may be the best price I’ve ever gotten it for (used to get Dominick’s brand for $1.50 sometimes)!

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