Reader deals 12/30/13

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.



  • letsshop shares: “They are offering 30% coupons with every donation through the year .Good way to clean and pick up something with a coupon too they occasionally have some nice garden items ,and then you can use your coupon too ! LOL”

Lane Bryant

  • On the Lane Bryant buy two get two Cacique bras sale, Sarah shares: “This code worked for me to take $25 off: 050002955. I got four bras for just over $50 with that code. The $24.99 bras are also working for the buy two get two sale. I bought four of those and added some $5 socks to get over the $50 threshold and then used the VIPOFFERLB code with my LB card to get the four bras for just over $6 each plus the socks! Yay!! :)


  • Something to look for from April: “If you have Bank of America credit or debit card, check you cash reward offers. I have this offer right now: Shop with Peapod in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin to earn $25 cash back! Attention Food Buyers – Peapod offers quality fresh food delivered right to your home or business! View Peapod’s website to learn more. Offer expires 2/10/2014. Payment must be made prior to offer expiration. Payment must be made with your eligible debit or credit card. Offer valid online only. This offer doesn’t seems to have a minimum you need to spend in order to earn the reward! I had an identical offer expiring 12.26.13. I placed an order prior the expiration date and I will let you know when/if I will receive my $25 credit. When I ordered online, my first negative impression was, that everything is EXTREMELY overpriced. Unfortunately, I didn’t have Rachel’s list with coupon match ups. It would be really helpful. But I figured, if I order a little bit over $25, I should be fine. So I scheduled my own pick up in Schaumburg, that is the closest pick up location to western suburbs. To get a delivery to your home, you have to have minimum $60 order. My second negative impression was, when I arrived to pick up, my order total was increased by about $3 without notifying me. They didn’t find smaller size ham, I ordered originally. And to what I heard from people, Peapod can substitute and even put a different brand name in an order. Anyway, if I get my $25 credit on $30 order, I will consider it a good deal and probably place a new order, which is now expiring 02.10.14., But I will be smarter about using coupons and finding a better value. Also I would try to combine my bank offer with whose online codes, to get to $60 order and get a free home delivery.”

Ultra Foods

  • From Lori: “Raisin Bran is on sale for 1.88 a box until Wednesday.  If you buy two, a coupon prints out for a gallon of free milk up to 4.00.  I used 1.00 off coupons and got 2 boxes of cereal and a gallon of milk for $1.76 after buying milk in separate transaction.”



  • Heads up from Shandelle: “I think the $.97 Gold Bond hand creams at Walmart are too small to use the $1 coupon. I looked at probably 6 different Walmarts the last week around central Indiana while out shopping and I’ve checked ones in the city up here and a couple in the burbs. They all carry the same one in the travel section that is too small per the coupon requirements. The only other Gold Bond item I’ve seen in the $.97 travel bin is for powder which also doesn’t meet the coupon requirement of lotion.”
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  1. Steph says

    Went to Michael’s in Naperville today. They had various lego sets for 70% off. I got a lego friends 75 piece set for $3 and a lego creator 3-in-1 set for $4.50. I picked up a few of each to save for bday presents. I checked the prices with amazon and this truly was 70% off. What a great deal. Lots of craft sets on sale too.

  2. Sara says

    Go onto the Peapod site and click on My Account. Click on Product Substitutions (located under the heading, Shopping Preferences) Check the box “Do not substitute for any items unless indicated”

  3. Victoria says

    Got a Catalina print out that said it is not a redeemable coupon bit says buy 2Post cereals get a milk free do I have to buy 2to get the coupon?

    • says

      I haven’t seen it but it sounds like that’s what it’s telling you — it should say something like: between x dates buy two Post cereals get a coupon for a free gallon of milk.

        • says

          That is what it sounds like — again, I’m not looking at it. But if it says Buy two post cereals between x dates and get a free gallon of milk, then it should. If you have a picture of it, you can send it. :)

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