Reader deals 12/28/13

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • For those looking for Menards calendars, a reminder from Vivian on Facebook to check your papers before buying: “I didn’t get one at The Dollar Tree in Rockford and we do have a Menards. :(“
  • Advice from Donna K: “Check through all the ‘Parades’. I bought two papers and one of my Parades had a coupon for $1 off any 1 Motrin product.”

Fannie May

  • Matt shares: “Fannie May candy is 50 percent off at the retail stores.”


  • A find from Artie: “GFS Marketplace in Lansing had Spiral Sliced hams marked down to .99 lb. I believe their other stores have similar markdowns but YMMV. Holiday M&M’s were $2.99 16oz bags. Many more Xmas items too numerous to mention were also marked down,”


  • Ashley says: “Macys is running their buy jeans get $10 promo again. As usual it excludes Levi’s and EDV but.. There’s many many children’s jeans priced at $8.99-$10.99 so buy the $8.99 get $10 back and roll it. The register is allowing it to roll, and there’s plenty of cashiers to choose from at most Macys!”


  • Outlander found in mperks: “There is $0.20 off gas, up to 10 gallons, too.”


  • Becky found: “The Menards in Montgomery had all of it’s Glade Winter scents stuff on clearance near the Christmas stuff. All were $1.49 each. I know there are Glade coupons recently. I think the 12/8.”
  • An idea from Kristy: “Or if you are headed to Menards to buy a gift card (for the 11% rebate), pick one (or more)[papers] up for a buck there? That’s what we are planning to do, since we are shopping for a new front door and had already decided on buying it at Menards before Christmas.”
  • Donna K on Facebook clarifies: “I think she meant that the Sunday paper is for a buck there (at Menards).”
  • Scott reports: “The Montgomery Menards has the Tribune with the calendar! No limit AND 11% Rebate! I picked up a bunch. I do all of the Menards Free after Rebate items and will easily go through many of these coupons over the course of the year.”
  • And julie says: “This week is a good week just for the Menards calendar coupons if you plan on doing a number of home repair this year, and/or if you roll Menards MIR deals. I’m getting 4 papers and I’ll easily use 1 or 2 calendars (6-12 coupons) on home improvement items, with the others for rebate deals, and hopefully remember to save 1 or 2 coupons for black Friday.”
  • She adds: “I think Menard’s only sells their own gift cards. I did not see any other brands of gift cards at the registers. I went to Menard’s today to buy a new front door and storm door. Since we had previously priced the doors with the options we wanted, we immediately bought a $1000 gift card. (I used my debit card to do this). Our receipt had a rebate slip for a $110 rebate. We then went to the door service desk to order our new doors and at checkout paid for them (and a few other items) with the gift card. We got a second rebate slip for $107 and some change. So, while you cannot use a gift card (or the rebate) to purchase a gift card, you CAN “double” your rebate by purchasing a gift card before paying for your items. I can’t imagine Menard’s doing this EVER again.”

Reader requests

  • A question from Karen: “Does any one know about the Dominick’s in Aurora on Eola/NewYork? Are they participating the the 50% off sales before they convert over to Maraino’s?”
  • From Katharine on Facebook: “I saw a Shark canister on some deal site and now can’t find it. Anyone know where that was – or a good deal on canister vac? The Shark was $89.99″


  • Jill says: “the cheapest I have seen after-Christmas gift wrap is Walgreens. Their 50-square-foot rolls are marked $1.99 and $2.99, so $1 and $1.49 each after their 50% off. Walgreens’ wrapping paper is made by Hallmark and seems thicker/nicer than other brands I’ve tried.”
  • A deal from julie: “Tomorrow only, you can get the Jacks for $1.25 each when you buy 4. There is an overlapping catalina on Jack’s ending tomorrow, 12/29, buy 3, Get $1, buy 4, Get $2, buy 5 or more get $3. This should stack with the $1 register reward on 2. So buy 4 for $10, use 2 $1/2 printables and get a $1 Register Reward and a $2 Catalina, so 4 for $5.”

Whole Foods

  • Jean’s experience: “The cashiers have always been pretty good at the Whole Foods I go to. I have found that the coupons from their monthly books scan better than the ones I print out from the website. So, not as ecological but may make your shopping easier to clip from the books.”
  • David asks: “Does anyone know how long the sale on Imagine soups is good? The Whole Deal store coupons expire 1/31/14.”


  • Anita in Hot Deals warns: “Ordered a pair of boots from Zulily. DON’T every order from them. Took 3 weeks. Finally arrived today and they sent the wrong size and the chemical smell coming off of them is toxic! No returns allowed but they will give me a store credit if I pay the return shipping for their mistake. UGH!!”
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  1. says

    How big are the .50 rolls at Dollar Tree? The last time I was in there, I only saw 20 and 25-square-foot rolls, which are small. If they’re the larger ones, that’s a very good price.

    • Jane says

      I’m sure the rolls are small at Dollar Tree. I did not look, as I just noticed a bin of rolls marked 50% off. Couldn’t hurt to check if you’re going there anyway.

  2. couponer4eva says

    Re: Menard’s calander coupons. When you use the $5 off $50 coupon on a rebate item, the $5 is subtracted from your refund. Just in case you didn’t notice. I get 4 papers and had this happen to me twice.

  3. Matt says

    Does anyone know any good deals on Blue Tooth headsets? The law in Illinois is changing this week that you can be ticketed unless you’re talking on your phone with a hands free device.

  4. feelgood says

    For those with an open and fully functioning Dominick’s nearby (yes, there are still some around!), the 12/26 – 1/1 weekly ad shows Fresh Express Salad Kits 2/$6.

    Use $2/1 MQ’s from Tony Tantillo’s December magazine to make them $1 each.

    I got six FE Salad Kits at my local Dominick’s this morning with excellent use-by Jan 8 dates :-)

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