Reader deals 12/27/13

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.

Bluetooth earpieces

  • Vivian posts in Hot Holiday Deals: “If you have small ears they have them at $5 and below for $5. They are probably cheaper at Office Depot or Staples. I know that we only paid like $10 for ours and it’s been working for years.”


  • Mandy found: “I went to Angelo Caputo’s in Bloomingdale today and they had some really nice Organic Romaine lettuce hearts for .99 for 3ct, Organic Broccoli for .49 lb., Organic Braeburn apples 3# for $2.49 and Organic Ambrosia apples 3# for $2.99. They also had clearance packages of Perdue ground chicken for $1.49 a 16 oz pkg.”
  • She also says: “I forgot the POM Wonderful pomegranites on sale for .89 each and there is a .50 coupon in the 11/3/13 S2.”


  • Kelley noticed: “There is also a $1.50 Hefty Trash Bag Target printable. Not sure what the prices in store are though.”
  • For the P&G insert, Kelley says: “Remember you can pick them up today in the Sun-Times!”


  • Susie sends over: “Just wondering how – and whether – to alert readers about what happened to us at Carson’s in Edens Plaza in Wilmette on Sunday. My husband and I decided to take advantage of $50/$100 coupons – almost an impossibility because nearly everything was excluded and lots of irate shoppers in line. But that was just an annoyance. What we were really upset is that a store employee, without our signature or permission, opened a store account in my name! She was taking email addresses and giving out the $50 coupons, then asked if we had a Carson’s account. I said I had one in the past but thought it had expired. So she asked me some identifying questions while standing at the register. I thought she was confirming my account and verifying info, including last four digits of my SS # which I foolishly gave. Then she gave me a 20% Q which I did not use and a form to fill out to open an account. Imagine my surprise when I looked at it at home along with a small piece of receipt paper with my NEW account number. I did call customer service which turned out to be at the bank used by Carson’s and never could reach anyone in the store. They said they would close my account and (snail) mail me a letter but only when I requested the letter. They said they could not email one. So, wondering whether I have any legal recourse, I find this really upsetting and scary. Also where to take my complaints? Also hoping you can hmaybe elp spread the word.”


  • Fran sends over: “I went to the Bannockburn Dominicks today. The store had previously marked everything down, but today, there were signs on the doors saying that they were no longer marking anything down and prices are as marked on the shelves. Sure enough, it looked like this particular store, while fairly sparse, is still getting in product. I was able to purchase several of the $5.00 Friday items (Pepsi 24pk, Toilet Paper and the Bakery Cookies) along with some produce and a couple other things. It appears this store is receiving merchandise. I overheard a couple other customers saying that rumor has it Sunset is looking to purchase this store and this Dominicks will be open until the end of January. While I was excited to hear that, in true Dominicks fashion the joy didn’t last long. My Pepsi $1.00 off printables wouldn’t scan so they refused to take it. They said it was because it says “redeemable at WalMart”…..which it does….but it does NOT say redeemable ONLY at WalMart. Whatever. At $5.0 0, the Pepsi is still a good price. At this point though they are very bold, almost nasty, about refusing any coupons at won’t scan. But, I did get some JfU discounts that I had loaded previously. I’m not sure if any other Dominicks might be doing the same thig, but at least for the next month or so, the Bannockburn Dominicks is still open!”


  • Aimee shares: “Both Target and Meijer have toys on clearance. Also, want to mention – please repost this! – that I was able to use my Dom’s Campbell’s OYNO at the Bloomingdale Meijer today without question. She said that since it’s a Manufacturer coupon, and clearly states on there that it is, they’ll take it.”
  • From Charlotte: “Also, the Meijer on Boughton/Weber had various boys character hoodies (Lego Chima, Ninja Turtles, Superman, etc) for $10 (50% off)”


  • Charlotte also says: “Menards in Bolingbrook had very little decorations left, and mostly at 40% off, with lights still being 20% off.”

Reader requests

  • Sheila emails: “Where is the best place for christmas wrapping paper clearance for the day after Christmas?  Best prices ALSO with the best selection?”
  • And Diane asks: “So I was thinking of doing some after Christmas shopping this year. Which stores have the best deals? And do you go right away the next day or do you wait awhile? Thanks!”


  • Aimee reports: “Most of Target’s holiday stuff is at 50% off. I bought next year’s teacher gifts already – throw pillows. Old Navy had a few good deals, but jeans weren’t their best price. Both Target and Meijer have toys on clearance.”
  • Charlotte says: “Target in Bolingbrook was pretty picked over already, but Christmas decorations were 50% off, candy still at 30% off. Meijer by 355 had very little left in the Christmas decoration dept, whilst the other still had a few aisles left at 50%.”
  • Kristy comments: “I did this Gevalia deal yesterday, and I also dug around in the Archer Farms “holiday” flavored coffees, and picked up two bags of their Caramel Apple flavor for $1.74, with an additional 10% off with Cartwheel, making them $1.56 before my 5% REDcard discount.”


  • VB says: “There is also a $1 store coupon on revlon or almay in the happy and healthy mag the one with the kids lying in the snow. According to their store policy you can use a manufacturer coupon and applicable Walgreens coupon(s)…. plural it is listed in their numtiple coupon section of the coupon policy. I have tried it and their registers do take both store coupons.”
  • She adds: “I had to buy concealor and mascara and lip gloss -higher priced items and also the removers and it worked on everything.  I had no problem with them scanning the multiple coupons i bought 6 items had 3 ip and then the store $2 coupon from the dec book and then the $1 store coupon in the mag.  I payed like $4-$5 for everything.”
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  1. says

    Macys is running their buy jeans get $10 promo again. As usual it excludes Levi’s and EDV but..
    There’s many many children’s jeans priced at $8.99-$10.99 so buy the $8.99 get $10 back and roll it.
    The register is allowing it to roll, and there’s plenty of cashiers to choose from at most Macys!

  2. Sue says

    Looking for help with our new printer. Got it set up just fine. Now looking for the app that we need to put in our iPhones to print to it. Rachel had mentioned AirPrint before but I can’t find that in the apps. Is that the correct name or is there something else I should be looking for? Thanks!

    • Kari O. says

      If its an HP WiFi print then just download the app and click on any coupon you don’t really want but just to test. Then print and select your printer. Should work. Not too hard
      Depending on your new printer you should download the Savings Center app too. My HP Officejet downloaded that and I get an extra 2 prints from the printer itself, plus 2 from my iPad. Totally worth it!

        • Barb B says

          Thank you from me! I have been wondering myself how to print from both iPhone and iPad…feel rather silly that I didn’t think about a app. I do have a HP wi-Fi printer so I am curious about that Savings Center you refer to. Where is that? Thanks again Kari! You made my couponing day! :)

          • Sue says

            Thanks for the info, Kari. Yes, it is to print the coupons. Sd Barb asked, please explain about the Savings Center, too.

            We are having issues, tho. Loaded a couple different print apps, but for some reason it says (when I go to print off app), that no compatible printers were found. Just played with the printer again, and it is saying it cannot connect to the server. Check the internet connection or enter a proxy address. I have no idea what this means. Hoping someone can help! Thanks.

  3. mary says

    Regarding Walgreens I think its awful that Walgreens advertises to come shop for the after Christmas sales
    on bath and beauty gift sets.
    And in reality the store employees are instructed by management to remove from the shelves and open all the name brand bath sets such as Axe, Dial, Dove and Aveeno and put them individually on the regular shelves and sell them at regular price !!!!
    Just an awful way to treat customers looking for after Christmas sales !!!
    Went to 3 different Walgreens same practice at all 3 in Plainfield / Joliet.

  4. Nancy says

    Susie: From my experience, if a store asks for your social security number, they are running a credit check and signing you up for their card/account. That was definitely a red flag. As far as recourse, I ‘m not sure what anyone can do because you gave them the information willingly. Nevertheless, you can certainly complain to store management that the process was not as clear as it should have been and that you feel duped. Maybe they’ll change their tactics.

    • Anne says

      I am surprised they were able to do this just by asking for “the last four digits”. I wouldn’t have expected it either, but it must be because of the previous account.

  5. Becky says

    The Menards in Montgomery had all of it’s Glade Winter scents stuff on clearance near the Christmas stuff. All were $1.49 each. I know there are Glade coupons recently. I think the 12/8.

  6. Artie says

    GFS Marketplace in Lansing had Spiral Sliced hams marked down to .99 lb. I believe their other stores have similar markdowns but YMMV. Holiday M&M’s were $2.99 16oz bags. Many more Xmas items too numerous to mention were also marked down,

  7. says

    For Shelia, the cheapest I have seen after-Christmas gift wrap is Walgreens. Their 50-square-foot rolls are marked $1.99 and $2.99, so $1 and $1.49 each after their 50% off. Walgreens’ wrapping paper is made by Hallmark and seems thicker/nicer than other brands I’ve tried.

  8. Jean says

    I’m not sure where to comment on this, but I want to thank you, Rachel, for the improvements to the website and the “device” version. On my phone now, all of the photos and text are lined up, so easier to read.

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