Reader deals 12/2/13

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.



  • Some advice, sent over by kitty: “Next Week’s Jewel GC Deal STINKS! Have to buy 2 Visa cards to get $10 OYNO. So stock up on the good deal this week!”

Land’s End

  • A tip from Patty: “If you’re near a Sears store, you can order Land’s End merchandise from the in-store kiosk and get free shipping. Just remember to bring your sales codes, because they don’t have them in the store.”


  • Sara shares: “For Chicago area peeps: Adler Planetarium Gift Memberships 20% off until midnight! Family Plus $144 (regularly $180) Family Membership $96 (regularly $120) Individual Membership $68 (regularly $85) To unlock discount, enter the following code: 1213. Art Institute of Chicago Take 20% off the regular membership price when you purchase a membership for friends, family, or even yourself before MIDNIGHT tonight.”
  • From Stacy on the MSI deal: “Just a heads up – I just tried this online and the $20 discount wouldn’t work. When I called the Museum, I was told that the discount does not work online. You must call the museum to get the discount.”


  • From rifat: “Ghirardelli Choc. Squares (Premium Asst – 18 oz.) are $4.99 after rebate. Limit 2. Use the Ghirardelli $2.00 coupon for a 1+ pound of nice candy for $2.99.”

Online deals

  • From Samantha: “Just a thought for anyone who got the free Shoprunner for a year last year or wants the free trial. Both drugstore and have some easy gift ideas -from I’ve sent my dad Balance bars, father-in-law an assortment of nuts, Out of Africa bath products to step-mom, etc. Also they have some really cute crabtree and evelyn gift sets starting at $12 just sort low to high in crabtree and evelyn products -I picked up some cute sets for teacher gifts. And if you get there emails lots of discounts -today my email said among other things 25% off Philosophy products making for some cute gift ideas (also search gift sets low to high).”

Reader requests

  • Ronald emails: “Does anyone know the best deals out there for getting teacher gifts for Christmas? I saw Chili’s has buy $50 in gift cards, get a $10 card for free. I have at least 20 teachers/helpers/service people to buy for, so was hoping others out there have found deals like the Chili’s one-I am planning to get $10 cards for most people. Anyone else find any deals out there?”
  • Maggie on Facebook is wondering: “Do you know of a good app to price shop products? I’m looking for one where I just type in the product I’m looking for and it will tell me where the lowest prices are. Thanks”
  • From Liz: “I can’t find the difference in the [Razor] rip rider and the flash rider except one has sparks and the other one does not? Any help would be great.”
  • One from Koupon Kat: “Does anybody have [the Entertainment Book] for the Chicago South and West edition? I’m wondering if the Food 4 Less coupons are in there again. I tried to look on their site but I couldn’t find it. I was also looking to see what movie theaters are included. In the 2013 book there were coupons for Classic Cinemas and Cinemark, but I couldn’t find those listed on the site for the 2014 edition. Maybe I’m not searching correctly though. Thanks!”


  • A heads up from nicole: “The target deal doesn’t seem to be working. I had to call them and they had to credit my account b/c it charged both of the fragrances. Just a heads up if you’re trying!”

Toys R Us

  • A tip from julie: “Toy R Us will match online deals in store if you’ve missed out on any cyber Monday deals. I just picked up the X-box 360, 4GB Kinect bundle for $149.99 by matching their online price. This should work for any other online deal as well.” And she adds: “wanted to clarify, along with some other retailers online deals, they will match their own Cyber Monday “online only” deals as well. So I guess they aren’t really online only.”


  • Charlotte posts in Hot Holiday Deals: “Walmart, in store, they had Play houses (I thought I read Step 2, but it might be little tikes) for $80, however they were ringing up for $60, with a regular price of $130ish? This was at the Bolingbrook store, and since I wasn’t in need of one, I did not pay too much attention. But it’s apparently a good deal.”
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  1. Diane says

    This is totally off topic, but is anyone with an sbcglobal email account having trouble sending or receiving emails? Thanks!

    • says

      From midday until this hour, I wasn’t getting any email on my sbcglobal accounts. I have recently received a few emails but what I can only imagine is a lot of messages are still missing. Many people are reporting similar experiences. And annoyingly at some point this morning a bunch of emails I had deleted or filed in Thunderbird reappeared in my inbox. I don’t happen to be doing any shopping today but I would be pretty mad if I were!

  2. Outlander says

    I bought some perfumes at Target and the discount came off correctly. Maybe you picked some that were not part of the sale. Only a few were. The ones that had BOGO in the description.

  3. Diane says

    Reader request: What is the easiest way to find out where you can donate toiletries and cleaning products close to your home? (I donate at a couple different places but I’m wondering if there’s anywhere closer.) Also the closest place to donate toiletries for the troops. (Our village used to collect trial sized toiletries for the troops but I haven’t seen the donation box there for quite a while.)

    I thought I’ve used in the past, but it doesn’t seem to be working very well to search for in kind donations. Rachael – didn’t you have a post in the past where people could post where they donated? Maybe we could start another one in honor of Giving Tuesday?

    Thanks for any help!

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