Reader deals 12/21/13

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.



  • Nikki suggests: “Make sure you guys are checking ibotta! Just a couple from the comments I’ve read- canned pop, any brand is on there & the chobani tubes. I submitted for Sargento sliced cheese today.”

Gift cards

  • Janet emails: “Last evening after some shopping and returns hubby & I decided to go to TGIFriday’s near Stratford Square in Bloomingdale. I am a “Red Stripes” card member (their frequent buyer program at TGIFriday’s). While shopping I looked at my phone and saw they had sent me a “BOGO” entree special. I plunked my Red Stripes card on the table, as a reminder to me that I need to use it. Our super sharp waitress saw that and immediately brought us FREE chips and salsa. (That’s an everyday bonus of the card, which I never knew!) Great meal & great service! Then, our waitress told us about a special that they have going on with their gift cards. It is: when you buy a $50 g.c., you get a bonus of a $20 g.c. Holy Moly– 40% bonus!!! (Take your 6% bonus CVS!) The nice thing is that you get it in the form of 2-$10 gift cards, which can be used as nice “tip” cards for a mailman or give it to your child’s teacher with some other goodies; these have a 2 month life span so use until end of February. Anyway, we bought 2-$50 gift cards and received 4-$10 bonus cards. It had been awhile since we had been there but looks like we’ll be returning at least once in the next couple of months. Go grab one! It’s a fantastic deal!!!!!”


  • Kim reports: “I was out by the Fox Valley Mall so I stopped at the Aurora Meijer. I was able to use both 10% deals — the 10% off electronic Mperks and the 10% off for turning in my Dominicks Fresh Values card. I bought the 32GB iPad Air for $599 plus got the extended warranty for $99. I had a couple of other small items in my cart, but my total for the iPad and the warranty was right at $600 with tax. PLUS I got the $75 OYNO coupon!!!!! The 10% discounts came off the warranty too.”

Reader requests

  • Angie asks: “I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on Tony’s VS Marianos??? I was hoping our Dominicks would be bought by Whole Foods but no luck. We have a Tony’s really close and then soon the Mariano’s.”
  • Michelle sends over: “After seeing the advertisement on your website for the Food Network cast iron dutch oven at Kohl’s, I ordered one. After it arrived, I discovered that the SKU number did not match anything on the $20 rebate form. I called Kohl’s and the representative told me the dutch oven I received qualified for the rebate. I sent in the rebate, but yesterday I got an email from Kohl’s saying that the rebate was denied because the SKU number did not match. Furious, I took the dutch oven back to Kohl’s, but I was told that because the box had the SKU number cut out, (as required by the terms of the rebate) I could not return the dutch oven. Has anyone else had this experience? If so, what steps did they take to resolve the problem? The only reason I bought the dutch oven from Kohl’s was because with the Kohl’s cash and the rebate it was cheaper than anywhere else. As a side note, I am extremely disappointed with the quality of the dutch oven. I dropped it in my stainless steel kitchen sink and a large chip came off the enamel!”


  • Shandelle reports that the 10% discount: “It didn’t come off automatically. Had to go to customer service and get a refund.”


  • Something to look for from Alex: “I thought this was pretty interesting and wanted to share this. I noticed today at the Starbucks that was inside a Dominick’s had a free tv episode of this week. It was a card about the size of a credit card and was found in the area where the creamer, straws, napkins, etc is found. On each of the cards, there is a code that allows you to download the episode of the week off of iTunes. If I can recall, there is a new episode every few weeks. The code I picked up today does not expire until March 4, 2014. I’m sure this is found in many Starbucks.”
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  1. Kim devries says

    Michelle, you should go to a different kohls. They have a no hassle returns policy. I have had to return items before that did not have the original packaging. Return it without the box and explain your disappointment with the quality… Chip, etc. I would be shocked if they did not let you return it, or at least give you an in store credit for what you paid for it!

    • says

      Copy the rebate rejection and ask for store manager ,their is no way they can ignore this .And lastly call corp. I am sure it will be fine Kohl’s is not that kind of store that would cheat anyone,

  2. Sandi says

    I received my curtain from the Kohl’s sale ($9.99/pair-20% off and free shipping) they were terrible. I ordered the chocolate brown and they are so thin that you can see light through them. I will e returning them.

  3. Nancy says

    I had no trouble with the 10% Target discount; it came right off – I didn’t even have to ask for it.

    As far as Kohls, I have learned the hard way that the SKUs for items must match perfectly in order to get a rebate. That being said, they WILL take it back without the SKU and put it back on the sales floor unpackaged. In fact, that’s a great way to get a good deal on something if you don’t care about the packaging. As someone suggested, you might want to return it to a different Kohls and speak directly with a manager.

  4. says

    Tony’s is a ok store ,like Fairplay or Ultra ! good sales every week ,I am getting one too I hear ! I do lots of matches at Walmart with their adds .Marianos I hear is expensive store ,lots of organic types of foods .also getting that store too .In a 20 block radius same main street I had 2 Dominick stores .Was hoping for a CVS in one of the 2 locations ):

  5. Kristy says

    I love Tony’s. I shop at the Bridgeview location, which is only a few miles from me. I think they have great produce at great prices. Now that Dominick’s is leaving, and Jewel is proving to be unable/unwilling to train their cashiers about the Upromise and Saving Star programs (I have to argue every time to get my card scanned), I pretty much shop only at Tony’s and Aldi’s any more.

  6. lisa says

    I did not buy the Dutch Oven from Kohl’s but had a rebate issue as well. I bought the Black/Decker appliances on Black Friday, stood in a 45 minute line, got home and immediately filled out my rebate and popped them in the mail the next day. I get an e-mail message that it was disqualified because it had no UPC. Well it definitely did but now I have to jump through hoops to get that. Last year it was an issue with exchanging items purchased with Kohl”s Cash and now this. I am going to be very selective of what I buy at Kohl’s in the future and if you ask me rebates are always iffy. Sometimes you get what is promised and sometimes you don’t. I guess the trick to that is only buy it if you would still want it without the rebate.

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