Reader deals 12/20/13

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • A tip from John W: “If you need to add old Just 4 You coupons, log in at the Safeway Just 4 You site, but there’s not any new coupons.”
  • Cari noticed: “Planters nuts were 2/$6 today”
  • Ashley‘s experience: “Ok so here’s a variety of items (and your stores may even have different ones) that are all MM starting today even if you don’t use the coupons: When you buy any item with a 50% sticker it is immediately a MM. Here’s how: Take the Wilton’s cake pop kit, $9.99 shelf price – 50% for sticker ($5.00) – 75% for the closing sale ($7.50) = $2.50 MM Every item with a. 50% sticker is a 25% MM starting today. And because both discounts come off as store you should be able to use the Manufacturer coupons too which should help cover the cost of your meat. Remember to buy other stuff to cover the overage if it goes below zero they will notice. Oh and 50% store coupons ring off all tax for the items so your tax may go negative if you don’t buy enough other stuff.”
  • But it may be YMMV, as LauraC reports: “The store in Glen Ellyn is not discounting the additional 50% off. They are just going with the 75% off.”
  • Ashley confirms: “Hmmmm Schaumburg stores are still scanning the 50% stickers”
  • From peaches: “Hi- At both the Evanston stores they are taking the 75% off at the end, and so there are some really god deals but no money makers unless you have a coupon maybe. If you bought something that was originally $10, and had a 50% off sticker, that reduced it to $5, and then they took 75% off the $5 and not the $10, and the self checkout was not open today. I did not see any items with the 50% off sticker that I could use anyway, MM or no MM, and no I don’t have any place I can donate most of the stuff I saw in the clearance department. Most of it was non food stuff.anyway that a food pantry could not use”
  • Ashley responds: “Actually if you buy the sticker items and your store takes it off at the end (mine did too) it still takes 75% of regular price. Both % discounts are coming off the full price. I didn’t think it would until I tried it. I bought every item (and many of each) in the pics plus others and each time it worked this way. Has been when the stuff was 50% too. Was free then, mm now. And food pantries take much more than food :)”
  • But peaches says: “My store takes 75% off the sale price, and not the regular price.”
  • Some findings from John W: “The Evanston one at Dodge and Dempster had a decent supply of the 75% stuff. Milk and eggs was going fast, but a lot of whipped cream, half and half, creamer, sour cream, and lots of cheese (50 cents). Some yogurt, although it may be gone: I got 8 of the Lucerne strawberry for 16 cents total. The Starbucks coffee (1.75) was going fast. A lot of peanut butter, including some Jif naturals (75 cents), and cooking oil (95 cents for 48 oz). A decent amount of frozen pizza ($1 safeway select, 60 cents pantry essentials), some assorted frozen fruit (about $1/lb) and veggies. Fancy name brand ice cream is gone, but some of the Lucerne (75 cents for 48 oz) and Safeway is left. Really, a huge variety of grocery items left, but in very limited quantities and odd kinds. A decent amount of pasta, including a little Barilla (2 for 12 cents if you have the $2 ecoupon). “
  • Kat shares: “Heard from a stocker that their warehouse still has over $32,000,000 in merchandise that the stores have to get rid of.”
  • Caroline posts on Facebook: “Campbell’s Homestyle soups are giving out $2 RR when you buy 4. I used some IPs for .75 cents/2 without issues this prices. It was confusing.”
  • Amy on Facebook asks: “Just went to the Bannockburn location in il. They are restocking shelves and all are full price. Anyone else seeing this?”
  • A question from Becky: “Anyone know about the Crystal Lake location?”
  • Advice from Rufus: “In the dairy section, check the expiration dates. I found a bunch of expired (from Oct) Chobani yogurts cups still on shelf.”



  • Artie found: “Meijer in Highland,In had a sign” 50% off all frozen turkeys,All brands,All sizes”
  • Kitty sends over a Catalina alert: “Buy Perrier 25 oz glass bottles or 1L plastic bottles between 12/2/13 and 12/29/13 and save up to $1.50. Buy 4-5 get 75c; buy 6-7 get $1; buy 8 or more $1.50.”
  • For the Dominick’s card discount, Mandy clarifies: “You turn it in at the register. It took 10% off everything I purchased. The cashier just scanned a barcode he had and it went through. Of course, he didn’t know about it and had to call the service desk, but it wasn’t a problem at all.”

Online deals

  • Another place for the huge Rubbermaid Takealongs set, from vista9: “BJs has it for $15.99
  • Regarding LOL Shirts, Sarah J. warns: “I would really research this site. I ordered several shirts over Thanksgiving weekend and still have not received them. Not only that but my repeated attempts to contact them have failed over the last week. Upon looking them up I have read over a dozen negative reviews concerning their shipping and customer service. It’s probably worth a few extra bucks to go elsewhere. At least you’ll get your order. :P”
  • From Marilou in Hot Holiday deals: “Purchased apron from BelłeChic which was distributed through Tanga, took over 5 weeks to arrive and smelled strongly like chemicals, have to wash, dry and iron before it can be wrapped! Never again will I do business with them. Apron was cute but not worth that!”

Reader requests

  • From Jaime on Facebook: “”Does anyone have any Victoria’s Secret codes they aren’t going to use?”

Ultra Foods

  • VIP Coupon Mom shares: “So I was soooo very frustrated last evening that I complained to the store manger Paul Francimore here was his response …. ‘I would like to apologize for the problem that occurred last night. You are correct about the policy, and my front end manager is meeting with each cashier and manager to make sure that everyone fully understands the policy.’ Hopefully this will help Forest Park Ultra Foods shoppers. He also gave me his direct contact information. I am strong believer in writing or emailing complaints or praises to the big boss because as the consumer we have the control.”
  • Ashley noticed: “The Blue Bunny is $3.50? But there is $1/1 peelies out and about to make it $2.50.”
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  1. Mandy says

    I just got back from Dominicks in Carol Stream and it’s very empty. Not very busy. No fresh meat that I saw. I bought a few things, but I really am not impressed with the price even at 75% off. I paid .25 a can for spinach, which I have paid with coupons and sales. I paid too much for crystallized ginger because it’s considered produce, which is only 50% off. I guess if they restock, there may be some great sales, but, for what I saw, and could use, it wasn’t worth driving over there. We were across the street, so, it was nice to say goodbye to the employees.

  2. Sarah says

    It’s not a great deal, but I have a groupon offer for a $50 CVS card for just $47. Not a huge savings, but if you shop there frequently, it could be worth it…

  3. Alex says

    I thought this was pretty interesting and wanted to share this. I noticed today at the Starbucks that was inside a Dominick’s had a free tv episode of this week. It was a card about the size of a credit card and was found in the area where the creamer, straws, napkins, etc is found. On each of the cards, there is a code that allows you to download the episode of the week off of iTunes. If I can recall, there is a new episode every few weeks. The code I picked up today does not expire until March 4, 2014. I’m sure this is found in many Starbucks.

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