Reader deals 12/17/13

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.




  • Mandy shares: “The 12-08-13 RP has a coupon for .55/1 for California real dairy products. I bought a lb. of Real Challenge butter, and it has the seal on the label, so, if you catch a sale and don’t have a vendor coupon, you should be able to use this one.”

Holiday tips

  • Kristy’s approach: “I don’t know of any deals on wrapping paper before Christmas, but at our house, we put out home made fabric gift sacks for Santa to put presents in. They’re reusable, eliminating the annual search for holiday paper, and if you hit Joann’s at the right time, Christmas fabric is really, really cheap. Mine just look like really big pillowcases. I actually make pillowcases for my sister’s kids every year to “wrap” their presents before mailing.”


  • On the new ad variations, Victoria says: “Well I was talking to one of my friends and her jewel on plum grove in palatine told her that it was a “fresh Market” and they will not be following the regular jewel ad and that they will not be taking coupons. They plan to folllow the everyday low price theory similar to aldi I believe.”
  • Information from Fran: “The Libertyville Jewel didn’t participate in the ad last week either, but I didn’t have time to ask why. They did take coupons however. If they stop taking coupons, I will stop shoppong there….or just start shopping at the Mundelein store for everything.”
  • And Mary T. noticed: “The one in Libertyville was just remodeled and is made to look alot like Mariano’s. Fresh Market sounds like the right name for describing the store. It is beautiful and has many nice new features that other Jewel’s do not have. They have their own prices, but will honor other Jewel store prices if you have another Jewel Ad to show them the price. Their store ad is like you said…only 4 pages. Prices are really great. I really like this store in Libertyville. They are still test marketing this store….if it works they will have more like this one. Mariano’s is just right across the street from this location.”
  • And Nancy adds: “I heard that the Frankfort store remodeled too!”
  • Joy offers: “Those are the “Mariano’s Jewels”. See my Facebook comment on the Jewel FB page.”
  • Julie’s experience: “My Jewel on Dundee Rd in Palatine said that the Jewels that remolded and are near a Mariano’s are now in a new district and therefore will not be following the Jewel ad’s. They will honor the prices in the flyer, but if you are not paying attention you may end up paying more. I did notice that the Essential Everyday peanut butter was cheaper at my Jewel last week than what was posted in the flyer. They were not sure if it is a temporary thing or not.” It might no longer be true that they will match the other ad prices or it may be a YMMV by store thing.
  • GRAMMA reports: “The Elmhurst (Schiller St) Jewel just had its grand “reopening” last week. They claim their overall prices are lower than the prices in the circular, so they don’t follow it. HA! Last week, when navel oranges were 2/$5, theirs were $4.99. The crazy thing is, we live less than a mile from that Jewel, and are getting the full circular delivered to our house … with the prices they won’t honor.”


  • Trish comments: “Meijer has been doing this [10% off when you turn in your Dominick's card] for a week now AND you can STACK savings!! So just go to Meijer! Santa Bucks are back again tomorrow and Thursday as well. Stack Away!!”


  • From seachicago: “Don’t know if it’s still on sale, but they had the green Hoover air express hand vac (like a Dustbuster) for $9.88 last week. I bought two, and I have to say they work super well! The charger plugs right into the unit (no placing it on a charging station like the older hand vacs), and it has a built in crevice tool. Good deal!”

Reader requests

  • One from Tina on Facebook: “Hi! I am looking for someone to partner with me on purchasing Great America Gold Season Passes. I want to buy 2, but it is much cheaper per pass to buy 4! (If you buy 4, the Gold Passes are $89.99 each). If anyone is planning to purchase these and would be willing to go in on it with me, please let me know! Thanks”
  • From Carrie R: “My Mr. 9 just came home with a “failed” vision test note from school so he’ll be needing glasses… I saw Vision works has a coupon for a $42 exam in the 12/15 SS. Anyone know of any good places for kids glasses? Should I get two in case he breaks one? Any advice would be appreciated! Happy Holidays Rachel and all the Mash up Mom followers! Thanks!!”


  • Cari posts on Facebook: “Target has promo, buy 5 select Keebler/ Kellogg’s items get $5 Gift Card ( actually saw this on Totoally Target a while back but never saw signs in my store till today!!). Rice Krispie treats are $1.99 and if you have the $1/2 coupon from the Kelloggs/ Keebler book found in stores a month or so ago..makes for some $0.50 boxes of krispie treats =D Keebler cookies are included as well, priced from $1.99- $2.50? I grabbed 4 Krispie treats and 1 package of $1.99 cookies and paid $2.95 plus tax”
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  1. suez says

    Tina…About the great america tickets I have a friend that may be looking for tickets. His daughter hurt her shoulder so its up to the doctor to see if she has the ok to go on rides next year. In the meantime we have been saving coke rewards for him. Last year they had a season pass for 2000 points. its alot of points but you have a while to save up.

  2. msully says

    Carrie R who has a mr. 9,
    We tried Shipping was fast and prices great. They don’t try to get you to add a bunch of unnecessary extras. Just go to the eye doc for an exact script and measurements. first pair free is never a bad thing! They haven’t bombed us with mailers or emails either!

    • Mary T. says

      JCPenney always seems to have good prices on kids glasses. I have bought 2 pairs now in the last 2 years for my child during the back to school sale in Aug. and Sept. Glasses were only $25. Often have sales for $49 complete pair for kids. Sadly my child is now too old to take advantage of this special deal…she is too old at 16. I liked the fact that she could pick out adult frames and still get the kids price.

      • Carrie R says

        Mary – thanks for the JC Penny info, I’ll look into them. Wow- 16, I’m going to hold onto these boys as long as I can, not wanting to face the teenage years, ha.ha. Carrie :)

    • Carrie R says

      That sounds good, what do you do when they need some adjustments? Will Vision works charge you to adjust? That’s my biggest fear about ordering online is that they won’t fit right… thanks!

  3. joy says

    I heard from my store director over the weekend that there’s something like 58 other store slated to go under go that fancy remodel… it will be interesting to see what happens to those stores ads

  4. Francesca says

    @ Carrie my son also came home with a note about failing the vison test. I brought him in to out family eye doctor his vison is just fine . Receptionist told me they’ve been folded with notes from schools and most do not need glasses . Just a heads up

    • julie says

      Same here, we got a “failed” note, then a re-test, then a second “failed” note. Took our Ms. 10 to the eye doctor and her eyes were fine.

      • Carrie R says

        Thanks, I’m hoping he does not need them but with both parents having glasses I’m afraid it’s just a matter of time… Carrie

  5. Susan says


    I have three boys in glasses as well as myself. I always get our glasses at Costco. They have good selection, good prices and great customer service. They’ll adjust our glasses with no trouble when they get bent or off kilter. Great since we’re there so often anyway.

    For really active boys I highly recommend “Flexon” brand glasses. The frames can be bent like a pretzel and still pop back into place (just don’t tell the kids or they’ll do it for fun). Saves a lot of time on getting them adjusted.

    • Carrie R says

      I’ve heard good things about Costco vision department, thanks for the “Flexon” information- with boys, sports and little brothers sounds like this may be the way to go! Thanks, Carrie.

  6. Valerie says

    Once you get his vision checked, GET HIS PRESCRIPTION!!!! Then you can go on Glasses are super cheap and great quality!!

  7. grandma g says

    Check out Sports Authority, They have a deal today only for 25% off and Free Shipping, guaranteed to arrive by Christmas or it’s free. Got a few things for the “active” folks in my life, and a queen air bed with pump for grandkids sleepovers, $35 minus 25%.

  8. Suzann says

    For really nice gift wrap and Christmas cards Tuesday Morning is great but need to buy in the spring and summer.
    Another place to get quality wrapping paper is the Current catalog.

  9. grandma g says

    Don’t know if you already posted this but My Coke Rewards has 12 packs for 30 pts. today and you can get 4! Great way to use your points.

    • julie says

      Because they have seen the future (Dominicks) and are afraid for their own survival if they don’t make some changes.

      Now whether their changes are the correct ones? We’ll have to see…

  10. Kari O. says

    I sent my husband in search of the Menard’s clearanced Viva Napkins. If anyone is wondering they’re sold out everyone except Long Grove (they have 150).

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