Reader deals 12/15/13

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • A find from Charlotte: “Thanks! I did get this one, but the Force Flex ones for $0.09/piece after coupon and 20% SS”
  • An idea from Kristina: “The $22 [for the Ekobrew] counts towards the $35 if anyone still needs to use their $5 off $35 that expires today.”




  • Bunny asks: “Has anyone seen any frozen duck or goose?”
  • And Michelle wonders: “Merrionette park participating?”
  • From Lisa: “Does anyone know if the store at 199th and LaGrange is participating? I will stop on Monday for the 1/2 liquor (work gifts), if they are. Any info would be appreciated.”
  • Renee shares: “Heads up the Doninicks in Romeoville is going to be restocking shelves. Was told by a stocker they are getting 4-5 trucks a night and will be restocking the frozen foods tonight!!”
  • Patty says: “Found this [Ekobrew] at Dominick’s, Fox River Grove, up on the very top shelf. $8 reduced to $4. Great bargain!”
  • Another one from Ala: “Hey, does anyone know about Dominick’ on West Chicago Ave. 60612? or any other nearby 60612?”
  • For anyone looking for the Starbucks mugs, Kari O. found: “I was poking around on Pookies website and she has a picture of the free mug offer!” Note that the other offers referenced are expired.
  • Ashley adds: “Yup and there’s also a tearpad saying you get a code for a $5 giftcard too but you have to buy three :) worked beautifully with the kcups bags and ViA” Also: “For the $5 it has to be holiday packages no longer printing on the regulars. And remember the star codes get you gift cards too”
  • KAY is wondering: “Are all stores restocking? Has anyone gone back to their store and found more stock? I’d like to get more but it was pretty picked over last night….”

Home Depot

  • A find from Kristina: “Really nice deal at Home Depot – polished marble cheese and pastry boards for $5 (12×12″) and $3(12×9″). They weren’t marked with the new price at the store I went to, but they did ring up correctly. I picked up a few for my kids to roll out their playdoh on.”


  • Shandelle found: “Target has Green Giant bagged carrots for $.99 regular price so free after the $1 coupon from the August Jewel book.”
  • Artie spotted: “MarketPlace frozen Whole Turkey .79lb…frozen Turkey breasts .99 while supplies last This was in the Munster,In ad” It is in my Chicagoland ad as well.
  • A tip from lori: “You can price match at Target as eggs are .99 this week at Walgreens when you show your ad.”
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    • says

      Look on the front of the Starbucks bags you bought and see if they have peelies with little stars on them. If you register a Starbucks gift card online at and create an account with them, you can enter the codes on the back of the peelies to earn free stuff.

      (Parenthetical note — if you are buying Starbucks anywhere it’s not crazy clearance and you are lucky just to find it in stock, lol, check the front of the bags to make sure no one stole the peelies. If you find sticker residue, dig for the ones with the stars.)

  1. ellen says

    my daughter shopped at the dom’s on chicago ave on friday. they are participating. you mean the one with the rooftop parking, right?

  2. Kari O. says

    Has anyone seen any good deals on wrapping paper? I wrap all our gifts year round in newspaper (the cartoon page) but Santa wraps gifts in wrapping paper. I’d prefer to spend $1-1.50 per roll. I bought some at Dom’s for $1.50 but now they only have $2.50 rolls left.

    • Kristy says

      I don’t know of any deals on wrapping paper before Christmas, but at our house, we put out home made fabric gift sacks for Santa to put presents in. They’re reusable, eliminating the annual search for holiday paper, and if you hit Joann’s at the right time, Christmas fabric is really, really cheap. Mine just look like really big pillowcases. I actually make pillowcases for my sister’s kids every year to “wrap” their presents before mailing.

  3. Doree says

    Anyone know of any good gift card deals? Like jewels $20/$100 or meijer $15 for $100? I M not near thortons. I have a few last minute gifts and would love to do that.

  4. April says

    Question to Shandelle;
    “Target has Green Giant bagged carrots for $.99 regular price so free after the $1 coupon from the August Jewel book.”
    How is this Jewel book looks like and where did you find it?
    Thank you

    • Kari O. says

      The Big Book of Savings that Jewel had in August featured a $1/1 coupon. It’d be nearly impossible to find now unless you took a lot during August.

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