Reader deals 12/12/13

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Shared by linds: “I work with the Joliet Slammers and I have an amazing deal parents will not want to pass up. Joliet Slammers FREE Kids Club: Free lawn ticket every Sunday game Membership Card 10% off an purchase in the team store Monthly Newsletter and an exclusive 2014 Kids Club member gift. Please contact Heather Mills at 815 651 2040 or visit our website at

Buy Buy Baby

  • Darcey comments: “FYI: I bought the fisher price ROCKSTAR MICKEY MOUSE ($39.95 on Amazon) at BUY BUY BABY on Golf Rd in Schaumburg for $7.99. I was able to use the $ 5 off $15 coupon when I added some PJ’s to my order. They had about 6 left.”


  • From seachicago: “We like Costco, and find we easily cover the cost with our savings. But, I really just wanted to post a couple bargains I saw today at the Costco in Lincoln Park: misses Levi’s Perfectly Slimming 512 jeans for $9 (mostly size 2s and 4s—makes sense, if you think about it!), and Lucky Sophia boot cut jeans for $14.97.”


  • A report from Bunny: “Went to Dominicks- don’t expect what is is in the ad to be in store. Very little Gatorade (and today is Wed), didn’t see smooth large jiff (and very little peanut butter left in general), salad was also sparse, paper towels and toilet paper very limited brands and high store prices (did see viva in stock) nothing to write home about/ lots of tags missing. Check expiration dates on the candy and food I’ve been seeing a lot of expired food peddled (like several months old candy). Well good luck guys-hope you find treasure!”
  • For those hoping for Ritz, Nikki says: “I don’t think I would count on finding them at 50% off Dom’s. Nabisco is usually a vendor stocked item.”
  • Peaches shares: “Hi- I personally think the Dempster/Dodge store’s manager has informed his employees that they are not to disclose anything. I asked them the same question last Saturday when I was there, and they did not know. I also asked them when they were closing when Dominick’s first announced that it was leaving the Chicago area, and they said they did not know either. Supposedly this week’s sale has been mentioned on one of the local news broadcasts this week. I was just at the Greenbay store Tuesday, and they still did not have anything marked down. The customer service desk at the Dempster/Dodge location opens at 8:00am, and so you can call them up then and confirm that the sale is taking place. I read on another couponing blog today though, that the store employees at all the Dominick’s stores that are having the sale tomorrow, are going to get first dibs on the items going on sale, and so it might already be picked over by the time the store opens up at 6:00am. I’ve also heard that they have not been stocking the shelves this week either, although I saw somebody stocking the produce department when I was there Saturday.”

Loyalty programs

  • Amy posts in Hot Holiday Deals: “My Coke Rewards today has a free 12 pack for 30 points when you enter a code, limit 2, get it quick because they only have so many!”


  • A deal from seachicago: “Menard’s: card games (Uno, Phase 10, Farkel) for $3.29 or $3.49. Usually around $7+ at Target; sometimes we find these free with purchase and coupons at Target, but a decent deal right now if you need a stocking stuffer or something for a gift basket.”

Reader requests

  • One from Cheryl on the Costco deal: “Are these routine coupons or just-for-new-members coupons? Because I think counting the routine coupons towards a promotion for new members is misleading. Does anyone know?”
  • A Dominick’s question from Samantha: “I can’t figure out what “select” gift cards are included in the deal -I went last night and tried Applebees and couple other brands listed in the add in multipacks but the only thing that rang up on sale was the 3 $10 pack of I-tunes. The store manager was like whatever (totally understand about to lose job). Anyone figure out which ones?”

Sam’s Club

  • From jennyh: “just a heads up for sams club members…. 30 photo holiday cards are $10.50. and a lot of them are available for next day pickup!”

Ultra Foods

  • A find from Pam W: “If anyone still has the CVS coupon for $4 off 2 bottles of wine, Beringer wine is on sale again $3.50 per bottle when you buy 6 (3.88 if you don’t). Makes for $1.50/bottle wine!”
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  1. cbhoff says

    Cheryl, they are not the typical coupons that come in the mail. I did this deal last time I signed up and the coupons are very high value for products you don’t usually see in the coupon book. This IS a good deal and I only re-sign up when this deal comes around.

  2. Melissa says

    I ordered photo cards from Sam’s Club and the experience has been disappointing. The customer service is disappointing. It has been nearly two weeks and they are not ready but worse than that they could not communicate to tell me they were not ready. I am thinking of asking for a refund on my membership because of this horrible experience.

  3. LauraL says

    Regarding the Dominicks gift card deal, I wouldn’t try it there. With the store closing, you have no idea what will be left or if their cat machine is working. I’m pretty sure Jewel and Meijer still have a catlina if you buy select gift cards.

    • Samantha says

      Actually it’s just suppose to be straight off the cost of the cards. I did buy a $30 I tunes for $25.50. I just wanted to buy some applebees too. I actually asked on Safeway’s facebook page and they told me I had to privately e-mail them. LOL -seriously it’s a secret sale.

  4. Shandelle says

    FREE Green Giant green onions at Target. They’re on roll back thru 12/17 for $.89 each. Use the $1 coupons leftover from the Jewel August coupon book for free + $.11 overage on each. I bought 2 tonight and they scanned at the full $1 off, so the overage applied to the rest of my basket.

  5. Shandelle says

    Also don’t know if this was posted already but Target Red Card holders, be on the lookout for a free $5 gift card in the mail. I only signed up for their debit card program like a week ago and got one the other day. Such a lovely surprise. :)

  6. Jean says

    Yesterday at Dominicks I bought 3 multipacks of gift cards, 1 Brinker and 2 Regal Cinema @ $30 each. Only $4.50 came off at the register. At Customer Service, the manager was nice and approved the discount on the other sets and I got back $9. I got one of those coupon looking notices at checkout “Save 15% on select Multipack Gift Cars,” valid 12/11-12/24, it includes: iTunes, Regal Entertainment Group, Fandango, The Cheesecake Factory, Applebees, Brinker International and Darden Dinner and a Movie gift card multipacks, subject to availability… These days at Dominicks it probably all depends on the manager. I was very lucky.

  7. Brian says

    Can seachicago or anyone confirm that the Levi’s were 512; I called and they stated they only carried 526 and that they were $9.? Thanks.

  8. Mandy says

    If you buy $50 of Meijer branded gift cards you get a $5 oyno 12/13/13 and 12/14/13. Watch closely to make sure you get the catalina, as mine didn’t come out, so I had to go to the service desk.

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