Reader deals 1/21/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • A find from seachicago: “On Saturday at Aldi (SW Chicago), the multigrain chips and cheddar multigrain chips (Aldi version of Sunchips—tastes identical to me) were marked 99 cents. Great buy!”


  • Lora shares: “Stay away from the sugarless [Haribo]! These reviews on Amazon are crazy funny!”
  • Cindy likes the glitter headbands: “Perfect!!!! Great for dance and pom kids too!”
  • And Kim found: “If you are buying a bunch of them, there’s a better deal here. You can get 12 of them for $12 and you get to pick your colors too.”


  • Reported yesterday by letsshop: “75% Off today at Dominick’s 31 st Wolf road ,Think its Westchester and liquor 40%”
  • And Karalyn posts on Facebook: “Dominicks is 75% off now. There wasn’t much left at the Buffalo Grove store. Mostly candy and miscellaneous things left, plus some vitamins. No liquid milk or meat left”


Household tips

  • From D: “For things that are “pinked” from the mysterious red sock in the white laundry (or anything red that runs) try this: Do not dry after taking out of the wash. Heat will set the dye Immediately put it in a bucket of cold water with vinegar and peroxide. soak overnight. Then wash only in cold. You may have to repeat. Ive only done this with whites or light colors so Im not sure about darks, but its worked like a charm.”


  • Anne found: “At Meijer, Catalina running through 1/26, if you buy two select Post cereals, you get free milk (up to $4) OYNO. Stack that with the Buy Two select Post cereals, get free milk coupon in the 1/19 SS. I bought two Great Grains @ 2/$6, milk for $2.49, got $4 off using coupon (register took full amount automatically), AND I got the Catalina coupon back for free milk up to $4.”

Reader requests

  • Don asks on Facebook: “I heard something about a new Petes Market coming to the Burr Ridge area in the near future ? Anyone else hearing anything about this? Something about taking over a previously closed Kmart?”
  • From Kaitlyn: “Does anyone have recommendations on a good deal fordishwasher packs? I have no preference I’ve used finish or cascade, whichever I can get the cheapest. Amazon has them for 20 cents each…”



  • Some information from Charlotte: “All seeds sold to consumers are GMO free. GMO seeds are only available to commercial growers. Side note, just about all corn, beets, soy beans and rape seeds(canola) that are sold in stores (including products made from these) are GMO. Yes, even at Whole Foods, though they hope to be GMO free by 2018. Now, if you’re looking at seeds that are hybrids, they will say something along the line of: F1-hybrid, this does NOT make them GMO, it just means the parent plants were crossed to get this specific type of plant. This has been going on since the dawn of time. You cross your best plants to get the best seeds for next year. If you collect your own seeds from an F1 hybrid, you will most likely not get great plants from it next year. Heirloom and open pollinated seeds are seeds you can collect year after year and are the ones that are generally really cheap at the stores (11 packs for $1 etc at Menards), because these plants are easy to pollinate and create dependable results every year. Nothing wrong with them and I use them with great results. Unless you have a special license, GMO seeds will not be sold to you.”
  • A recommendation from Suzann: “Try Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds( I have used them and if you get their catalog; you will want to order way too much!!”
  • DON says: “If it is certified organic then it is non GMO – far as I know”
  • Pam adds: “I second Baker Creek for non-GMO, my hubby won’t order anything else.

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  1. Annette says

    The Pete’s Fresh Market is coming to Willowbrook in the former Kmart store. It’s at the corner of Route 83 and Plainfield road. There is not info on when it will open, just that is coming.

    • DON OCONNELL says

      Thanks Annette , I hear another year – apparently it is posted on the door of the old Kmart – I had to laugh at it being a full year out

    • Betty says

      Agreed. My parents live over that way, and indeed the Pete’s will be going in the old K-Mart off of Plainfield and Rt.83. Soon the Chic-Fil-A will be across the street too! 😀 (Guess I’ll have to go visit that way more often!)

  2. DON OCONNELL says

    Kaitlyn, you should be able to find FINISH pack for 10 cents each – Amazon has it quite often for that amount shipped with either Prime or Subscribe and Save

  3. Paula M says

    Just wanted to say Thank You to Charlotte for sharing the information on seeds! Very informative. We are trying very hard to avoid anything GMO.

  4. liz says

    on this coming Meijer deals buy 10 get 1 free..tortino pizza rolls are one of the items listed and had 1.25 off any pizza rolls for free pizza rolls

  5. Jill says

    About GMOs in food products….unless the item is marked “non-GMO” you can assume that GMOs are in the product – correct??? I have organic soy milk marked “non-GMO” and several other items that are marked organic and “non-GMO” such as tortilla chips, cereal, and such. I always look first for “non-GMO” items and most often they are also organic.

    • DON OCONNELL says

      From the web site GMO AWARENESS – Buy products that are also certified by the Non-GMO Project. The certification process behind this label is currently the best possible way of assuring that you are eating GMO-free food (though bear in mind, not all of the products bearing the Non-GMO Project label are organic—for the best of both worlds, chose products that also include the USDA Organic label). SO IMHO, to be sure there are NO GMO be sure to buy with the label having both NON GMO and ORGANIC , I further read on the stated site that ORGANIC labeled products must guarantee less then 5% GMOS. I hope this helps…. to me, it can get confusing…. this society does seem to be getting it and even though our government wont do anything about this we are moving forward and must continue to be diligent.

  6. Suzann says

    for Don- Another great seed catalog is Tomato Growers Supply Company out of Florida.
    I got an email yesterday the spring catalog was available. They carry pepper seeds in addition
    to tomato seeds.

  7. jennyh says

    comment on the household tip about a red sock getting in with the whites: Target sells a product called “color catcher” i forget who makes it…. its a sheet (looks like a dryer sheet) you put that into your wash with whatever turned colors and it pulls out the color that transferred. less than $4! The trick is, keep the item wet and do it as soon as possible. It saved a white quilt that had a bright pick flannel back (the front caught all the pink in the wash and it looked unsaveable… i nearly cried when i opened the washing machine).

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