Reader deals 1/17/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

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Ace Hardware


  • Don posts on Facebook: “I have used very similar [clippers to this $17.99 Wahl set] to groom my dogs – it wont last as long as the other much more expensive units but this is a great price – lowest i have seen has been well over 25 at walmart – HTH”
  • Outlander’s experience: “I have this one too. I use it for my boys, and love it. But I did try using it on my dog too and it did not work good and I would not recommend it for that. Please buy something specifically made for dogs, or your dog will suffer. Btw, that same set is regular price at Meijer about $22 or so. Not $50, like Amazon is lying to make you think you are saving more than you are. Nonetheless, it is still a great price and I like using it.”
  • Chris adds: “I have the majorly expensive Andis pet groomers; if you have small dogs and don’t need heavy-duty grooming I’d say go for this one. It probably will heat up faster, so grab some of that spray that chills down the blade if you run the clipper for a long time. Otherwise it’s very, very uncomfortable for the dog.”

Canning jars

  • Katharine in Hot Deals shares: “I think that is the regular price at Jewel. I bought some cheaper on sale there and also at Meijer. The best deal was at Menards they had them on sale for around $6. this past fall. I know they are not on sale this time of year but as I said, check around if you need them.”


  • Something to check your stash for, from Kitty: “A month or 2 ago, in the Jewel Big Book of Savings, there was a $1/1 Green Giant fresh bagged vegetable coupon. It expires 1/31/14, and I have been noticing these fresh veggies at several places, including Jewel, Meijer, and Target.  Yesterday, I saw GG bagged carrots at Target for $1.54-$1.69, so makes for a pretty good deal.  Jewel’s snap peas, broccoli/cauliflower and other mixes are around $2.99-$3.99.  I have seen russet potatoes at Meijer.”

Daily deals

  • A recommendation from John W: “A really good LivingSocial deal in Chicago right now is ArtTango Bistro (South American food). Brunch is $8 ($6.40 with discount) for 2 entrees, dinner for two is $20 ($16). It’s in Ravenswood near Architectural Artifacts (which is a great place to wander around).”
  • Pam on Citrus Lane: “This isn’t worth it. I did it during the last half off and it was a crummy box. I thought there would be a food, toy, book etc in it. My box had two toys, an e book and ice pack. First I wouldn’t want my infant watching anne book..give me the real book. All the photos show products from food, etc and I got nothing like it. I called and they said we’ll offer you another month for $20…. No thanks! I wouldn’t recommend this.”


  • Becky asks: “Does anyone know what is happening with the Bannockburn dominicks, they are still full price and pretty well stocked????”
  • And peaches responds: “Safeway is in a legal dispute with the landlord, and right now they are contractually obligated to keep the store open, even though they were planning on closing it last month. Apparently they started their going out of business sale when most of the stores did last month, and then they were informed by the landlord that they were contractually obligated to keep the store open, and so they had to restock the store. From what I understand most of the stuff in their deli is deeply discounted, but that is about it, and they are not restocking their produce or meat right now. I heard a few weeks ago, that they were hoping to close on January 25, but right now that has been put on hold while they try to work things out. I am not sure when their lease expires.”
  • Tracey J reports: “Shorewood meat was sold out w/in 12 minutes of today’s open. The gallon sized milk was gone too.”
  • But DON says: “NO KIDDING HU ? 12 MINUTES – WOW !!!! I was there about noon and got great deals on cheese and meat from the Deli”


  • From savinlikeu: “75/1 in the 1/5 SS Johnsonville chicken sausage 1.25 is a good price for those :)”


  • A tip from Heather: “ has what you need and you can type your address on the form and print it out. I did not need to download any other sites.”

Reader requests

  • From Kristy on Facebook: “Has anyone signed up for the ShopYourWay MAX program with Sears/Kmart? If you have, do you feel it is a good value?”
  • Simi on Facebook asks: “where can I look for more deals on fun things to do with kids”
  • Jane wonders: “Are the whole grains on sale for 88 cents this week at Jewel as well as the reg. Barillas? I see Kroger has them for $1 as well.”


  • For the Purina One Smartblend, Tamara adds: “There’s also Cartwheel! :)”
  • Cherry reports: “Leslie, the Target in Shorewood is still at 50% but my husband got few items at 70%. It was picked over…2 beetle power wheels at 50%. Hth…”
  • And jo says: “i got a ton at 70% including the power wheels beetle and viper! everything i scanned was 70% even if the sticker wasnt that low! several end caps, and an entire aisle worth of 70% off toys yesterday in shorewood! the signs said 50, but they definitely were at 70 joliet and plainfield were mostly 70, but not everything….. hth”
  • Asked about the power wheels beetle, she also adds: “it was $53.xx in shorewood….. i was there yesterday around 11am….. joliet and plainfield had them at 50% (89.99)…. joliet was pretty cleaned out imo add i don’t remember if they had the beetle or not”



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  1. Jen says

    Amazon has a $4 coupon for a 16 pack of larabars. I can’t figure out how to link to it, but it should be on the amazon coupon page. I chose subscribe and save and then clipped the coupon so it was $14.99 for 16 bars.

  2. Linette says

    Power wheels beetle is at Super Target in Yorkville, IL for 70% off on Friday January 17th. Had a couple in the sale isle. Sorry do not remember the tagged price.

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