Reader deals 1/16/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.

Ace Hardware


  • Ann noticed: “Rachel, the walnuts on Amazon are now $32.88 + 7.99 s&h, making them $40.87 or $8.17 lb.” If you don’t see this price, check for it under “more buying choices” on the right.
  • Kristen likes Snap Circuits Jr.: “I bought these for my son last year after you posted about them- They are awesome. He loved the kit!”

American Eagle

  • Don posts on Facebook: “American Eagle having a nice sale/clearance with code – [hoodies] etc…. and free s/h” 20% off clearance with code 57V555S1.


  • Stacey emails: “Stouffer’s Dinner Club coupon reset, $1 off of 3 entrees”

GFS Marketplace

  • Diane posts on Facebook: “Was at GFS in Joliet today. They had the frozen Christmas cutout cookies for $2.99. The box makes 6 dozen. They also had gingebread men and petit fours on clearance.”


  • A prescription tip from Sandy: “You may want to just ask at the pharmacy. I went to get a flu shot at Jewel, and the pharmacy tech said “Are you a Dominick’s customer”? I told her yes, I was, and she said they had a special going right now for Dominick’s customers and that I would get a $25 gift card. My husband got the same deal. So we paid $29.99 for a flu shot, and received a $25 gift card. Maybe that same deal would pertain to prescriptions? Worth asking, for sure!”


  • Another apple juice option, from cassie: “I have a couple bottles of Meijer not from concentrate apple juice in my pantry and they have an emblem on them that says made from U.S. apples. They aren’t on sale this week but do go on sale pretty frequently $1-$1.49.”

Reader requests

  • Tram in the Hot Deals group asks: “Hi everyone! Any tips on where to book a Disney Cruise for a good price?”

Sam’s Club

  • Shirley shares: “Sam’s club has chicken breast at $1.77/lb everyday.”


  • Suzanne in Hot Deals reports: “Target Oaklawn was putting up clearance toys this morning didn’t see a sign for % but a lot was between $2-10. They ones I bought were $2-6 including Lego, Melissa & Doug, Marvel and Imaginex.”
  • And Leslie is wondering: “Anyone know about joliet or shorewood?”


  • From boce: “Just a heads up. My daughter bought some makeup at walgreens last night. A Catalina coupon printed to earn 50 points for every $1 spent in beauty starting Jan. 19. It is an actual coupon. I am guessing that buying the makeup triggered it.”

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  1. Cherry says

    Leslie, the Target in Shorewood is still at 50% but my husband got few items at 70%. It was picked over…2 beetle power wheels at 50%. Hth…

    • jo says

      i got a ton at 70% including the power wheels beetle and viper! everything i scanned was 70% even if the sticker wasnt that low! several end caps, and an entire aisle worth of 70% off toys yesterday in shorewood! the signs said 50, but they definitely were at 70 :) joliet and plainfield were mostly 70, but not everything….. hth

      • Cherry says

        My husband came in after work…maybe he missed it. The shelves were almost empty but the beetle power wheels were still at 89.99 when scanned…is the beetle from shorewood or joliet? Planning on going to joliet…but wondering if there are some left?

  2. Jen says

    For the Disney cruise, sign up for the Mouse Savers newsletter, and look at the site. They seem to be kind of the gurus of all things disney. I know when we were considering a disney cruise last year, I found the best deals by simply going to the disney website and playing around with dates and cabin options. There’s also a disney travel agency that the Mouse Savers people recommend–I can’t remember their name right now but you’ll easily find it on the site. Supposedly the agency sometimes offers their own promos and discounts, though when we were looking the price they quoted us was a bit higher than what I was getting myself on the disney site.

    Sign up for any disney newsletters you can find too. I still sometimes get emails about disney vacation promotions from them.

  3. Mandy says

    Butera in Roselle has boneless, skinless chicken breast on sale this week for $1.69 a lb. I bought a pkg. and they are really nice. I think it’s 2 pkg.limit, and, most seemed to be about 3 lbs. each.

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