Reader deals 1/15/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • A question from kate: “I missed placing my [Zaycon] order last time due to a very hectic schedule, and then took a chance with Aldi’s $1.49/lb b/s. It was very good- and from America, etc etc…so then when they had it again 2 or so weeks ago, I bought a case. Processed and packaged it when I came home, like I do with Zaycon, and it’s been great. I see that Zaycon is saying something about price of chicken going up…anyone know or speculate if Aldi will keep holding this special price now and again? I’d need more chicken before fall, but don’t want to order a huge order from zaycon right now if I don’t need to.”


  • Outlander is a fan of the fondant tools: “I bought those before Christmas, after seeing them elsewhere for $15-$20! They look great and sturdy, but I haven’t used them yet. I haven’t decided yet if I’m gonna use them for fondant or clay! :)”

Apple juice

  • Some information from peaches: “You can buy refrigerated juice that is made with US apples. I know Zeigler’s is one brand and there are several brands at Whole Foods, You can also buy it at the farmer’s markets in the fall, The fresh juice is much better than the juice from China that most people buy in the stores. It is more expensive though, but it is worth it.. I know Costco was selling fresh pressed cider from Michigan too, but I am not sure if they are right now or not,”
  • And jennyh says: “Indian summer apple juice. Says US apples right on the front. You can find it almost everywhere (except aldi)”


  • From DON: “‘JANBDAY‘ yielded free s/h on $35″


  • Renee reports: “Went to the Shorewood Dominicks today around 10:30. Lots of items left, although most everything is full price. The deals are not as good as the deals were in December. Meat,, cream, milk, eggsand alcohol are excluded.”
  • Margaret is wondering: “Did anybody weny to the Dominiks in Aurora? I am wondering it is worth it to go???”


  • Kitty sends over: “The Starkist tuna pouches are on sale at Jewel for $1.29.  There’s a $1/2 in the 1-5 SS, so 79c each WYB 2.  (X 1-26).”
  • Ashley found: “There’s tearpad store coupons on the farm stand displays for $1/3lbs of apples any variety”
  • Cathy posts on Facebook: “Was just at the Wheaton/Danada Jewel and they have many gluten-free cake and brownie mixes on clearance. Some are by Glutino and the others are by Pam (?). $1.25-$1.50. Also had boxes of Glutino gluten-free flour mix for $2.50. Located on a mid-store end-cap near the greeting cards.”


  • Kim comments: “The Tropicana 50 is on sale for 2.50, and there is a 1/1 each mperks coupon. I bought 5 in one transaction and it took off $5.00.” The sale may end today, but I am not sure.


  • Shandelle shares: “There are two new Target mobile codes available. Text CHEESY and BLEND to 827438 for a number of mobile coupons. Both of these have $1 off fresh vegetables, $1 off fresh fruit, and $1 off fresh meat, so two of each!”

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  1. jennyh says

    Im a hobby cake decorator and have bought similar tool sets from China. They are nice but don’t put too much pressure on them. They have flimsy joints where they are put together (where one color plastic meets the other). Snapped the head of one tool right off. But for the price its pretty good.

  2. cassie says

    I have a couple bottles of Meijer not frm concentrate apple juice in my pantry and they say made from U.S. apples one the label.

  3. Anne says

    Does anyone know how to get the grocery ads delivered to my mailbox again? I cancelled my 4 day/week Trib subscription almost two months ago and they haven’t restarted – do I need to call the Trib? Thanks!

  4. boce says

    Just a heads up. My daughter bought some makeup at walgreens last night. A Catalina coupon printed to earn 50 points for every $1 spent in beauty starting Jan. 19. It is an actual coupon. I am guessing that buying the makeup triggered it.

  5. Matt says

    The one thing about Trop50 is that it’s essentially orange juice with water added. So if you wanted to save money in theory you could buy the regular stuff and just add filtered water yourself.

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