Reader deals 1/13/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Jane says: “Went to Aldi’s for the blueberries and ended up finding tons of Christmas candy left on clearance. There were bags of foil wrapped chocolates for 49 cents and tins of Christmas tree cookies for 85 cents. I was afraid the chocolate would taste waxy since there were so many left on the shelf, but it is very smooth and creamy! That’s always the case when I only buy 1. The cookies are good too. Aldi is selling good quality stuff…..the candy is called “Choceur” and is made in Germany and the cookies were from Belgium. I may have to go back tomorrow!” I noticed some of that in the clearance bin today as well.


  • Priscilla warns: “Beware of the reviews! I was going to order this [Hello Kitty] watch for my daughter, but I changed my mind.”


  • Jenni reports: “scott extra soft was included at my CVS”

Daily deals

  • A heads up from Christina on Facebook: “I am not sure if you posted about this yet but… I never received my Costco coupon book from the Zulily deal in December. I called this morning, concerned about the Jan. 30 expiration and they said they just sent out the books on Friday because they had an issue with them and that the free coupons they just sent out will have a July 31 expiration! Yay!”


  • From peaches: “There are some legal issues with the Bannockburn store, and that is why it is still open. The landlord says that Dominick’s is legally obligated to keep the store open, and so I do not know when it will be allowed to close.”

Food 4 Less

  • Something to look for from Charlotte: “There is also a juice included in the buy 5 get $5 off deal, making it $0.88/per after discount. I can’t tell you WHICH juice it is, as I could not figure out the shelf tag and they were sold out. I’ll be heading back later in the week, when there might be more in stock.”


  • Jen shares: “All gfs stores have these candies. I work at the Burbank location we have tons left also starting February 1st we will have over 70 items from Market day in our new store reset.”


  • From Suzann: “For those with a Kroger close by–check dry good clearance often. Some deals are store specific but some are regional(discontinued, holiday baking), I scored Nestle butterscotch baking chips for $0.30 a bag–my store had about 5 boxes-I must have bought close to 50 bags but I love my blondies.”

Printers & ink/toner

  • Brie suggests: “Those with the ink issues – you might want to look into CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System). Basically, you hook it up and you have ink for life. For my printer, it was about $60. Looks like for the HP 6600 it’s $109 on Amazon. It’s a bit of an investment, but then you don’t have to worry about ink again! To learn more (and to see what printers are compatible) just do a google search for CISS and whatever your printer model is.”
  • Suzann recommends: “For printer ink–try Sign up and they send %off and free shipping offers. And they ship very fast.”
  • A question from Sandi: “I was just wondering if anyone could recomend a printer that has reasonable replacement ink cartridges? I had an older HP and it finally died…all the new ones seem to be more pricey on ink.”


  • Christina did the Nature Made deal: “Thanks for posting this! It worked perfectly. The bottles had a $3 off any Nature Made VitaMelts product coupon attach to them as well as VitaMelt sample (which someone stole off of every bottle). Target also has baby wipes on sale for $1. I tried to stack with the 11% Cartwheel per the tag on the store but the app wouldn’t load inside the store.”
  • Cari says: “For the Skinny Cow deal at Target….there is also a 10% off on Cartwheel.”
  • And donna noticed the same: “Liz thanks for the skinny cow deal! There is also 10% off on Cartwheel! Yay!!”
  • Janell on the fish oil gummies: “They don’t taste fishy to me. I think they are pretty good:)”
  • Matt comments: “If you take a fish oil supplement it’s always best to get one that does not give give fish burps. There are specific kinds like the ones from Nature Made that don’t give fish burps because the pills are coated and if swallowed whole the fish smell does not go back up into your mouth.”
  • Becky likes them too: “The fish oil gummies from nature made taste great…like candy. I”m NOT sure IF they are actually efficient though. My DH usually takes the softgels and they have definitely helped his cholesterol level. I’d be curious to see if the gummies REALLY work.”
  • Cari shares: “Found a decent deal on C9 track pants (actually a friend passed the info along since she knows my 10 year old will ONLY wear them) Info came from hip2save. I found some C9 track pants for $9.99. There is a 20% C9 Cartwheel as well as a 20% off children’s apparel on ( you can only use 1 per transaction as coupon is for item not items. Combining those 2 discounts got me pants for $6.39. Then I bought 2 more pair for $9.99 (there are more expensive pants)- 20% Cartwheel….I was shocked this actually came off 1st….then used a $3/$12.99 or higher childrens apparel Target shopkick coupon. Paid I believe $6.49 a pair. After each transaction a $5/$25 C9 Target coupon printed out…..back to Target I GO!!!”

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  1. Samantha says

    For Christina, I had this issue in the beginning, and a super helpful cashier told me with the Cartwheel App, you HAVE to log into the Target Guest Wi-fi before you can go and add or delete from your Cartwheel. Hope that helps!

  2. Jen k says

    I also wanted to comment on the Target wi-if. The locations on Touhy and on Addison in the city have the free guest logon now. Just try to open your browser when you get into the store and the page will automatically load. Works great for Cartwheel and Shopkick scans.

  3. Callie says

    Does anyone have any suggestions for meal planning apps/websites. I would prefer it to be free or very low cost.



  4. Shandelle says

    There is a free Milky Way Simply Caramel ice cream bar available in the 7-Eleven app (Exp 1/19 or while supplies last). My local store had these in stock but I saw on some other coupon blogs that if your store doesn’t have Milky Way, have them try scanning one of the other Mars ice cream bars (Snickers, TWIX, etc), as those supposedly scan, too.

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