Reader deals 11/29/13

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.



  • Artie found: “Gordon Food Service also in Merrillville ,had 20 oz bags of Halloween Orange & Black colored tortilla chips marked down to .75 along with ButterCream frosting in Halloween colors also marked down to .75″


  • Something to check for from Kelley: “Check your e-mail from yesterday from Groupon with the subject line “You scored a piece of our $100,000,000 Groupon Bucks Giveaway!” I looged into my account through the e-mail and had received free $5 credit valid today only.”


  • Yesterday, Deanna said: “Diamond 16oz bags of walnuts were $5.99 today, but I think tomorrow starts $6.99.”


  • Good rebate news from Kelley: “So I finally received a response about the Panini maker rebate and the different SKUs. “I can understand your concern and the form you are referring to has been updated. Please note however your packing slip is proof enough as it is part of the request to be added to the rebate form. The link to the proper form is . I am sorry for the inconvenience and hope this was helpful.” The rebate form is updated and the SKUs now match!”


  • From Outlander, for the Saturday sale where they are offering $20 OYNO: “I think there is Mperks Q also for Buy a Keurig get 2 free Meijer Kcups.”

Online deals

  • For ThinkGeek, Outlander discovered: “It’s not valid. I bought something recently from them (btw they have some awesome stuff) and couldn’t combine free shipping and a discount code. It’s one or the other.”

Reader requests

  • One from cj: “Arm & Hammer Refund-I was unable to print the refund form after filling it out due to a broken printer (assumed I could do it all online until I got to the last page and found out it still needs mailed). So, several days later, I am trying to get everything together to send in and I cannot bring up that form on the computer again, therefore I cannot find the address of where to mail it. Does anyone happen to know what the rebate address is? Thanks!”
  • Pam W asks: “Does anyone have an opinion about the best (& most cost effective) tablet to buy? I was looking @ the surface, kindle fire & ipad mini. Don’t have a clue which one is best. I think the surface come w/a keyboard & usb port which would be good. Looking to take it w/me in my purse for portable wifi, where available. Thanx everyone!”

Ultra Foods

  • Sandra shares her wine deal experience: “I was able to get 22 bottles. After the sixth bottle rings up the 10% comes off and then for each additional amount the 10% adjusts up. I hadn’t been sure how that discount worked. I did mine at self checkout so I also got to scan all my own Q’s.” I think the deal ended yesterday, but good to know it works that way for next time.


  • A report from feelgood: “Went to Walgreens this morning and did a few transactions. My store cats alternated back and forth between the $2/$10 and the 2000 points with $10 purchase on each transaction. So I have an even amount of both. Had some $3 transactions, no store cat on those. All the rest were $8, $10, $13, or $15, got a store cat each time. Store cat is valid Sat & Sun…expires 12/1.”
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  1. Lynn says

    Also at Costco, they are selling the Keurig K75 Platinum model brewer for $119.99 and includes 60 K-cups plus a reusable “My K-Cup” in the package. This is selling for $168 on Amazon, so a great deal if you would like the higher-end Keurig. This one is nice because you can choose from 5 different cup sizes for brewing vs. 2 sizes in the more common “Elite” model that sells for around $100 on sale.

  2. Suzann says

    Beware when Costco starts marking down fresh turkeys–we bit on this deal about 5 years ago. We were perfecting smoking turkeys on the Weber smoker. They were past their prime but not their sell by date. They wound up going on newspaper on
    the parking surround for the raccoons( I live on a big lot in a very wooded part of Houston)–the next morning it looked like bleached bones in the desert!

  3. feelgood says

    I’m guessing we won’t see any more Dominick’s ads. None in the grocery ads section this week, online says unavailable. I’ll miss Dominick’s, we’ve had so many good deals.

  4. Kari O. says

    The new toys at Dominick’s were already marked 50% the other day. I double checked and 50% at Doms was cheaper than Target on BF for the imaginex toys. $6.99 at 50% = $3.50 as opposed to Targets B1G1 50% which made two $9.28 or $4.64 each. These were for the Batman and Villain characters.YMMV
    My daughter also got the travel game of Guess Who at Doms for $3.49. They also had battleship, perfection and others. Great for stocking stuffers. Sad they’re closing though…

  5. Fran says

    Does anyone know when the May (or technically Design Pac to be correct) warehouse sale in Melrose Park is this year? I thought it was this weekend every year, but I can’t seem to find anything online. Thanks!

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