Reader deals 11/23/13

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Kitty emails: “The swiss vitamin coupon in tomorrow’s wall st journal and most likely in the trib is different from the older one.   It pictures the multis and has a different numerical code.  Maybe it will actually scan?   Hmmmm”


  • Something to check for from rifat: “I got a $3/$12 any heartburn, probiotic, antacid or stomach remedy coupon from the magic machine, on Friday. Combine  CVS probiotic ($10) and CVS anti-diarreal ($4) in one order for a $3.00 ECB M.M.”

Dollar Tree

  • Julie shares: “I confirmed with my store that you can use this [10% coupon] in addition to MQ’s. :-). If anyone knows some good match ups, please share!”

Online deals

  • From moneysavingmommies: “Rue 21 has a nice sale going on in stores and online thruogh Sunday. Get $10 off 20, $20 off 40, and $40 off 80 with promo code 000996. Plus there are all kinds of deals on their website. Was able to score $149 worth of of merchandise for about $60 Shipped. With code and other site wide deals. Here is the link. have fun, I sure did =). Almost forgot to mention they are giving away holiday cash for every $20 spent”


  • Kari O. says: “At Gurnee Mills we went past the kids version (PS Aeropostale) and found the cutest sweater vest. After seeing the big 50% off sale sign I excitedly looked for the tag. Only to discover it was a massive fake mark up to feed the sale… who in the right mind would spend $89.50 on a 5 year olds sweater vest? Buyer beware. Their stuff is cute but absurdly priced for their value, even at 50% off.”

Reader requests

  • One from Bunny: “hey I am looking for buttermilk. Has anyone one seen a good price? Thank you”
  • Leslie responds: “Trader Joes had a quart of buttermilk for $1.49 the other day. This is the cheapest I have found.”
  • Another option from Outlander: “I sometimes buy it at Meijer or Jewel, but usually just make my own sour milk for recipes. For every cup of buttermilk you need in a recipe, add 1 Tbs vinegar or lemon juice in a cup and top it off with milk to measure 1 cup. Wait 5-10 minutes and use just like buttermilk. HTH” I do the same unless I need a lot at once.
  • So does Sara: “That’s what I do too.”
  • But feelgood found a good price: “Kemp’s buttermilk $1.00 a quart at Shop & Save.”
  • Kim is looking for Jennie-O turkey pot roast: “I have been running around trying to find this product at my local costco stores. No luck so far but will check out stater bros and albertson tomorrow. Anyone else know other stores that sells them? Much appreciated!”
  • Lizbeth on Facebook is wondering: “Do the paper black friday ads come out on Wed. or Thanksgiving? Anyone with a Chicago Tribune subscription when did you get the ads last years. Thanks”
  • Shavon answers: “Wednesday”


  • Heather on Facebook found: “hey Rachel here is a deal at woodmans for you and your fans”
    yakisoba woodmans
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  1. michele says

    You can make buttermilk in a few minutes with regular milk and a little bit of vinegar. Just google it for the proper amounts. I have ton it several times and it works great!

  2. Susan says

    For the person looking for buttermilk, you can subsitute milk plus lemon juice or white vinegar in recipes. Use 1 tablespoon lemon juice or white vinegar per cup of milk.

  3. Susan says

    Regarding the PS Aeropostle comment … we’ve shopped at Aeropostle for years, and PS more recently. I agree that $90 is ridiculous for a child’s vest, but they have great deals all the time. Cute clothes, often cheaper than thrift store prices. You have to keep your eyes peeled, but you never need pay inflated prices there.

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