Reader deals 1/10/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • I found: “For the first time in months, the SS was in today’s Sun-Times. A few things I noticed: we also got a Viva coupon Target coupon exp. 3/12 for a new type called “Vantage” which seems to be in the same category as the Bounty Duratowel; we got another $1/2 NY Style chips; we got $.75/1 McCormick Perfect Pinch. Nice to see the Ken’s coupon again, although chances of it coming up free are less now with one store out of the mix :(.”

Family Dollar

  • Ginny reports: “Family Dollar had their Christmas marked down to 90%. There were still some decent things left: tablecloths, decor, candy…have fun!”


  • Uncartie sends over: “Gordon Food Service,Lansing,Il Holiday candy clearance,M&Ms ,Reeses Mini Peanut Butter Cups,Hershey’s Kisses,Queen Anne Cherries for $1.99 each. These are family size bags that weigh over a pound. Other stuff too like Sprinkles for baking,Xmas tree donuts,etc.”


  • Aimee shares: “Meijer has the Fisher Price Servin Surprises Play Table on clearance for $20. Rolling Meadows store has 9 left.”

Mobile service

  • Some ideas from peaches: “The January issue of Consumer Reports has a very good article on how to save on your cell phone bill. You can find the issue at your local library. They did mention some smart phone plans for people that do not use their cell phone a lot. As I remember, Consumer Cellular was one of the cheap plans they recommended, and I think Straight Talk and another plan were also recommended. These plans are all no contract I believe. One of my sisters also has a smart phone, and has a no contract plan with t mobile. According to the article in Consumer Reports 65% of adults in this country now have a smart phone.”

Reader requests

  • Karla asks: “The Westchester Dominick’s is posted to close on Jan 24th. Does anyone know when they will start their clearance? Thanks in advance!”
  • A question from liz: “hi has anyone ever done a study with blarry house research or Is it a trustworthy site?”
  • A few things to consider from peaches: “Hi- Is blarry house research only local to the San Francisco area? I just googled them, and they are not BBB accredited. I have done a lot of studies, but I had never heard of them until now. You might want to look on survey police forum to see if anybody has mentioned them.”


  • An option from Amy: “You can do your federal taxes for free on”


  • For this week’s recipes,Jeanne noticed: “I think the Herdez salsa were under $1 at Tony’s also if I am not mistaken.”


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  1. kristin b says

    Today i went to bargains in a box off north and river area in maybe river grove. I got neumans medium roast k cups cheap :) they had one box of light roast left. I got 80 cups for 22 dollars. They are out now but that one but the lady said they get them in from time to time and sell out quick. I think its a good deal. I dont drink coffee but my mom will drink it. Just an fyi maybe if you are in that area in the future pop in and see if they have any :)

  2. LauraL says

    I would love to know if any of the other Dominick’s will be having a clearance. (like the one in Aurora) I was too sick to make it in the first few days of the clearance of the unsold sold stores so I really would like to try for others.

  3. lisa says

    For those of you able to print a second set of coupons from your smartphone (android), could you tell me which model of HP printer you use as I have already bought one that does not work and don’t want to waste anymore money buying another printer that won’t do what I need it to do. I want to be able to sit on my couch and print coupons directly to my printer from my phone. Please help

    • Kari O. says

      I believe its only Apple devices that print coupons on HP Printers.

      Depending what kind of HP Printer you have you could install the Savings Bundle app and sync a HP Connect account. That would give you an extra set of prints.

    • Shandelle says

      Not sure if any android phones can print coupons to HP printers. I think it’s only iPhones and iPads that have the app installed. I don’t have an Android so I’m not sure but I am using an HP Officejet 6600 wireless and can print to it from the app on both my iPhones (4 and 5S).

      • Kari O. says

        I have the 6600 too! I love it except for the ink. Have you found any place good for it? I tried combo ink and having horrible results. The printer is pretty much rejecting it. The barcode quality is pretty bad.

        • Shandelle says

          So I had just been buying the combo bundle from (not sure if it’s still available, where they bundle black and all 3 colors) but it’s so pricey. I tried asking Cartridge World if they could refill them and they said they can’t do it for this printer because it’s “too new” – well I took a chance and bought cheap refilled black ones on eBay last month and they actually work just fine. I followed the seller’s instructions (cause the printer will claim it doesn’t recognize the refilled one) but it prints just as good as one bought from the store. This was the seller I went through and I’m gonna be ordering all 3 colors shortly-

          • Kari O. says

            The comboink clearance sale has our 932xl black for $1 and $3.99 shipping. I’m passing on it though. Not worth the hassle again. lol

  4. Shandelle says

    Is the above link to the Walgreens $3/$15 coupon for the new Broadway/Diversey not working for anyone else? I clicked it several times and their site says it’s not available.

  5. Jen says

    All gfs stores have these candies. I work at the Burbank location we have tons left also starting February 1st we will have over 70 items from Market day in our new store reset.

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