Reader deals 10/5/13

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • From mike on Miracle Noodles: “warning. I bought these last time around on the subscribe and save……they are horrible. As a diabetic I thought it would be great because of no carbs but I actually threw them out after using one package. Very “gummy” and just is not a good replacement for pasta.”
  • Judy shares: “Looking for a great kids’ book? Check out the 82 Amazon reviews of Tales from Farlandia: Ozette’s Destiny then download it FREE for your Kindle or other e reader this weekend”


  • Jeanne reports: “Bought some Green Mountain K-cups tonight at Dominick’s. Received a Cat Alert on Green Mountain K-Cups from 10/7/13 to 11/3/13 – Buy 2 get $1.50 off, 3 get $3.00 off and by 4 get $4.00 off you next order. Save your coupons and hopefully there will be another $5 sale in that time period.”


  • Something celmarie noticed: “The lindt bars are also $2 @meijer.”
  • A heads up from Priscilla: “I tried yesterday to get 4 of the kraft cheese at Meijer but the 2nd set of 2 that I bought did not get discounted so I took those 2 off and had them ring them up separate and it came off no problem. So I don’t think the scenario for buying 4 and getting the catalina will work.”


  • Some info from rachel: “about the menards crazy dale sale, the halloween decorations are plastic bags that you fill with leaves, the style is pumpkins or a spider. The ghosts are plastic baggies you stuff w newspaper and hang in the tree. They sell these all over cheap so if that is what you want free is always good but not worth a special trip in my opinion.”
  • On the free after rebate paint, letsshop is wondering if anyone has used the brand and how the quality is.

Reader requests

  • Mari is wondering/offering: “I’m not sure if there is a store that will accept expired coupons. I have 9 FREE and 14 BOGO Silk Fruit & creamy yogurt coupons that expired 09-30-13. If someone wants them I will be happy to mail them. I used some of them and have these left.I just feel bad throwing them away, my family really liked the product but we had a hard time finding them in our area, only one Meijer store had them and they only allowed us to use three free coupons at once and it was not worth it the drive just to get three items. I will mail them today if someone want them, otherwise they are going to the recycle bin. They are MFC from BzzAgent.” Ultra Foods and Strack & Van Til take them back 30 days, but they may not carry that item.



  • A senior day reminder from letsshop: “ 10/8”


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  1. Carrie ONeal says

    On the Menard’s paint – it is horrible paint. Very thin and doesn’t cover good at all. I’d skip it, it really isn’t even worth it, even for free…

    • Charlotte says

      I tend to agree. Get a % off coupon and go to a Sherwin Williams store and get their paint. It is FAN-TASTIC! :)

  2. Charlotte says

    That was Outlander about those pork sausage links, not me. 😛 (Or any other Charlotte for that matter :))

  3. Alice says

    With Halloween coming, maybe it would be helpful to have a weekly post about where to find the best deals on trick or treat candy? Thanks!

    • AmandaS. says

      Something I’ve done for Halloween is save the Kool Aid packets from this summer. Also, I saved a lot of the fruit roll ups as well. At Sam’s club we found a 50 pack of hot chocolate for $4ish earlier in the year too. All of the items have late expiration dates so will be good for Haloween. Also, I saved a bunch of the 75% off bags and a few toys from last year. When I go to garage sales, I also look out for happy meal toys and other individually wrapped small items I can hand out later. We get several hundred kids where I am at (crazy I know, but it’s something we’ve gotten used to and ave been better prepared for over the years).

  4. Kara says

    About the Zaycon pork sausage links:

    I bought a box last time they were offered.
    * they are UNCOOKED. I’ve precooked and refrozen them so I can just pull them out and microwave them when I’m in a hurry
    * They are little finger sized sausages
    * they have a very thin skin that you can either eat or pull off
    * they have a bit of a spicy kick so they aren’t boring
    * they come in a (multiple?) bag(s) in a box and are in cute little rows. I repackaged them and froze them
    * I use them more as breakfast sausages than dinner sausages

    I like them.
    I’ve been using them mainly for breakfast with eggs and egg casseroles.

    • Carrie R says

      RE: Breakfast Sausages- I agree, my family thought they were very tasty. We split up the large package into groups of 12 so that we could grab a bag and cook for breakfast. It does have a “spicy” taste which is great, not too hot but adds to the nice flavor. We will order again.

  5. Susie says

    I think someone posted that they were looking for school uniforms at a reasonable price. I seen them at JCPenny this past week the IZOD polo shirts were $1.97 in all colors. Hope this helps

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