Reader deals 10/4/13

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • April posts on Facebook: “I love our rice cooker! And I have an infant and it makes making baby food so easy. Just throw whatever in the top (carrots, apples, peas, whatever) and water in the bottom and walk away for like 10 minutes and bam it is done, just throw in the blender!”

Booster seats

  • From jen: “I would highly recommend a britax highback booster, it’s the only booster that we could find that will still latch to the car. the back detaches to become just the seat and there is also a strap between the kids legs to secure the seatbelt (like a 3pt harness) we found our britax for about $100, totally worth it for how many years we will use it!”
  • Advice seachicago passes on: “Here’s a safety tip when using a booster seat, instead of a 5 pt. harness car seat: my pediatrician told me to make sure that the car seat belt locks after you buckle it over your child (after it’s buckled, pull it *all* the way out and let it snap back; it will then lock and hold your child in place better). I can’t remember if this works with a full-height booster, but it does with a backless. No one else I know seems to have been told this, and I thought it was an important piece of advice!”
  • Christine points out: “Graco turbo booster is part of the Menards Crazy Days sale – $19.98 after rebate.”

Burger King

  • Amanda posts on Facebook: “Burger King has charity coupon booklets for $1. There are a total of 6 free coupons. 3 for free fries or onion rings and 3 for free soft serve cones. I got an advertisement for Wendy’s coupon booklets but haven’t checked them out yet.”


  • Information from Pam about $5 Friday no longer being loadable for the weekend: “From what my cashier told me today, it sounds like that is the way it’s going to be for the foreseeable future. You will have to make it there on Friday.”
  • Ashley found: “These [Rubbermaid Lunchblox] are on clearance at Doms for $5.97. If you have any of the $3 peelies it’s a great deal.”
  • Susan comments: “Just a heads up, I was just at Dom’s (in homer glen) and ALL brands of K-cups were $5 (not sure if all Dom’s are doing that or not). I had a bunch of $1.50 off printables that I had printed a few weeks back that worked nicely with this deal. Gevalia, Tullys, Folgers, Green Mtn, etc. all were $5. Plus I had a bunch of $1.50 off coupons on my J4U. I’m glad I read that the $5 Fridays are JUST on Friday’s now too, cuz I almost waited til tomorrow to go. Got 15 boxes for $56, that’s including tax. Good deal–came out to about 31cents/k-cup!”
  • Some questions from grandma g: “A couple of days ago I was happily clicking and adding items to my card. After clicking on the Fresh Express Salad I was moving on to the next item when instead of turning to ‘added’, a sign popped up saying something about ‘Load limit reached’, then sign and salad disappeared! I was so surprised since I don’t already have a salad clipped to my card and I thought whatever was there could be added. Never saw this before. Wondering if anyone else has? Does this mean all the posted items have a limit, much like Saving Star or”

Food 4 Less

  • Ashley shares: “Cheap cake mix Went to F4L today for the cheapunstoppables and found this: We just got a $0.75/2 coupons this week That’s $0.75 for two or $0.37 each! Remember pantries all can use baking for the families for the holidays!” Nice — there was also a $1.00/2 printable on Betty Crocker last month if you still have it, and a $.75/2 printable if you don’t have multiple papers.

Flu shots

  • From Artie: “There is a coupon that will save you up to 30% at Costco,CVS,Kroger and it’s family of stores,Rite-Aid,Target,Walgreens,and Walmart. I learned about this here. A commenter there reported that the coupon knocked down the cost at Walgreens from $31 to $14.75. Obviously YMMV.
  • A request from jen: “can we do a roundup of flu shot deals? this jewel one sounds pretty good, i’m just wondering what else is out there.”
  • Something to consider from kitty: “Re: $25 gift card when you get your flu shot at Osco: Doesn’t surprise me, but called to check anyway…you do not get the gift card if Medicare pays for the flu shot.”


  • Joy spotted: “I found Robitussin 20 count tablet/ gel caps for $3.49 on clearance at Jewel in Buffalo grove,IL. They were kept near the pharmacy. Used $3 coupon and will send for the rebate.There were atleast 15 more packs and are expiring 9/14. Silk soy milk 64 oz. was on a price cut for $2.68 and I had $1 coupons from completing their survey.They were out of Purex so got a rain check.”
  • Ashley adds: “They’re $1.74 at Hoffman they have about 18 left”
  • A potential (definitely ymmv) deal from Elizabeth on Facebook: “”Jewel deal…cats pride. B1g1 free…7.99 each…but on the litter they had peelies for buy the litter get johnny cat liners free well they dont carry them so they gave me one other brand liners free and 3.39 off any cat food for the other””


  • Allison found: “Meijer in Bloomingdale had 2% and fat free milk gallons on clearance for $1.49 today. All of them expire October 7. There were a bunch left as of 7 pm Thursday.”
  • A deal from focadima: “kraft natural slice $2 wyb 2 BUT starting Monday there is a cat deal buy 2 get $1 buy 2 get $2 buy 3 Get $3 so 4 use 2 $1.50/2 Q’s (exp 10/8!!) after cat and coupons you pay $2 for 4 packs”
  • A report from Jamie: “Went today to the new evergreen park one. [The TRESemme] were priced at $4.29 and. $5.29.”

Reader requests

  • One from cj: “Riteaid-Does anyone know how to find out the details to monthly +Up Rewards? I was on but was unable to find them. I had bought GM cereals and was expecting a $5 reward but the cs operator said it didn’t include Honey Nut Cheerios. i just want to read it for myself. Thanks!”
  • Callie asks: “I am looking for a small gas grill (must be less than 4 feet wide). Does anyone know of any places that have them on clearance? Thanks!”
  • Diane is wondering: “Has anyone gone to this [Menards Crazy Days] sale? Are the Halloween decorations cute? (I’m trying to decide if I want to make the trip for Halloween decorations and the cheap bites!)”


  • Sarah reports: “I went to the Hillside Target on Mannheim today and there were some decent clearance deals to be found. There were lots of 6 packs of Old Spice bar soap with a small bonus body wash attached on clearance for $3.38, but rang up at $2.78 and dropped down to $1.78 with the $2/2 coupon in the latest P&G insert. There was also a ton of Betty Crocker cotton candy cookie mix and frosting tubs for 78 cents each, which would have only been about 37 cents each if I had brought one of the multitude of 75 cents/2 coupons with me.”

Ultra Foods

  • A possible coupon (depending on what is carried/included) from Jennifer: “There is also an $.75/1 MQ on for halloween morsels.”


  • Kari O. comments: “Bought the two [TRESemme]heat protectors for 2/$9 at Walgreen’s. Used two $2.50/1 (one beeped but cashier put it through), paid $4 plus tax and got back 2,000 points ($2). Redeemed both Ibotta offers for $2.75 total. Up $0.75 for a product that I looooove anyway.”


  • A deal idea from Diane: “Miracle Whip at WalMart – did a Butera price match buy 2 for 1.49 each, there is a .75 cents off coupon on the top of each jar which bring cost for a 30 oz jar to 75 cents.”


  • A caution from noreen: “Beware of WBShop! I was looking for The Waltons for my daughter and found them here cheap. I was set to order from them when I decided to do a search of the company and their reviews. They do not have good reviews!!! Make sure you research before you buy anything from them. “

Whole Foods

  • A question from heidi: “Do you know if these [Brown Cow yogurts] are on sale for .50 at the Whole Foods in Naperville?”


  • Abigayle says: “So glad to se a Saturday pick up near me! I have 1 lb of the ground beef left from a split order about a year ago and I was worried there might not be another event in time. This beef really does have a much better flavor than anything I have ever bought in a store.”
  • From Cari: “Love the beef… glad they are doing another one. 40 lbs!!! I do not remember it being that much before. Hmmmm.”

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  1. rachel says

    To diane asking about the menards crazy dale sale, the halloween decorations are plastic bags that you fill with leaves, the style is pumpkins or a spider. The ghosts are plastic baggies you stuff w newspaper and hang in the tree. They sell these all over cheap so if that is what you want free is always good but not worth a special trip in my opinion.

  2. Jeanne says

    Bought some Green Mountain K-cups tonight at Dominick’s. Received a Cat Alert on Green Mountain K-Cups from 10/7/13 to 11/3/13 – Buy 2 get $1.50 off, 3 get $3.00 off and by 4 get $4.00 off you next order. Save your coupons and hopefully there will be another $5 sale in that time period.

  3. Shandelle says

    Well that’s mega disappointing that the $5 Friday sales can no longer be extended, since I almost never shop on Fridays.. between that and Jewel deciding to get rid of self scan and just read on Jill’s blog that they won’t accept competitor cats as of 11/1.. I don’t feel like any of these changes are benefiting the customer.

  4. Jeanne says

    Just curious if Walmart or Target would price match some of the $5 items other than Friday? I don’t know if they still do but Schnucks would match a coupon from the paper from a competing grocery store. It was good for only a day or 2 but Schucks would take it all week.

  5. Steve F. says

    On the Flu Shot coupon….do you have to print all the green stuff, or can you just snip tool the Q and take it to the store? Don’t want to be wasting all that ink if I don’t have to. Thanks

    • Allison says

      They have matched my prescription coupons in the past, not sure about the flu shot coupons though. You may want to call ahead to make sure.

    • Artie says

      The coupon is courtesy of “LifeSourceDirect”,an insurance company. They also offer a prescription discount card. CVS shows up as one of the pharmacies that accepts their cars so I’d bet they will honor the coupon.

  6. Priscilla says

    I tried yesterday to get 4 of the kraft cheese at Meijer but the 2nd set of 2 that I bought did not get discounted so I took those 2 off and had them ring them up separate and it came off no problem. So I don’t think the scenario for buying 4 and getting the catalina will work.

  7. Rhonda Frey says

    Walmart sells the canine carryout dog treats for .99 (they still may be on sale for 89 cents) theres a $1 off 2 in todays RP

  8. Lori says

    I also am not finding the Betty Crocker cake mixes for .75 cents. Help anyone that knows what towns they are in please. Thank you

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