Reader deals 10/29/13

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Fran likes Kansas: “Not only are they still together, but they are still FABULOUS!!!!!! In August I went to their 40th Anniversry Fan Appreciation concert in Pittsburgh, and it was an experience I will never forget. They are playing this Friday at the Copurnicus Center. If you get a chance to buy Meet and Greet tickets, spend the extra money and do that as well. Not only do they still put on a great live show, they are also the nicest guys you’d ever want to meet (if I do say so myself :-), but I LOVE these guys, and have been a fan for every bit of those 40 yrs!). And for another shameless plug….if you can’t make it to the show this Friday, go to There you will find all things Kansas along with their current tour schedule. Seriously, if you are able to get to a show, by all means go! They won’t disappoint, and I’d love to meet some other couponers, too :-)”


  • Meg found: “I know people have been looking for deals on those Tegu magnetic blocks. Amazon has some of the sets on sale for 10-25% off. Not a huge savings, but they usually don’t go on sale at all.”

Bed Bath & Beyond

  • Something julie noticed: “I think I’ve seen the same set [of cookie sheets] at Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.99, which would drop to $8 with their 20% off coupons.”

Family Dollar

  • Nikki comments: “They’re building a Family Dollar at 1st & Plainfield in Lyons(?)! Yay!”

Food 4 Less

  • A possible use for the $1.00/1 lb coupon, from Charlotte: “Butterball Turkey is on sale at Food4Less this week (and next?) for $3.98 / lb if I recall correctly.”

Household tips

  • Here’s one from maggie: “I sometimes use these cheap bodywashes to refill my handsoap pump. When I run out of handsoap, this is a very acceptable sub! :)”


  • From couponer4eva: “Smart One’s entrees are $2. Buy 10, save $4 instantly. Team this with the $10 Saving Star Credit when you spend $40, and the $3 off 9 coupons, and you have some really cheap entrees. 20 for $16.”


  • Cari shares: “Found an Imaginext Joker set on clearance at Kmart. There was no clearance sticker so I took it to scanner at still no price. Found an employee and she scanned it with her PDA and told me $2.49. When I went to check out and told employee price he entered it and another 30% came off so I got it for about $1.72?” She adds: “This is what the set looks like.


  • An idea from Kelley: “There is also a voucher for $10 for $20 at, which would be only $8 after promo code [MOREDEALS].”
  • A question from benita: “Has anyone ever tried omaha products? It seems like a good deal, but since I have never purchased omaha products, I am wondering how is the quality and is this a good deal? Thanks!”

Loyalty programs

  • Elaine emails: “The Kelloggs rewards site is doubling codes for Halloween.  I had some codes saved and put them in and was really surprised to see that the codes for the town house crackers and the Nutri Grain chocolatey crunch bars were tripled.”
  • Sanee on Facebook noticed it too: “KFR has double points for Halloween!”

Reader requests

  • One from Becky: “Does anyone know of any deals for the Ringling Brothers circus at the Alstate Arena, they will be here later this week through next week?” Goldstar is one option.
  • Jill asks: “Where is the best deal for getting a flu shot? Is Jewel giving gift cards?”
  • Becky is wondering: “Does anyone know where you can get good cheap cookie sheets that are made in the USA? This set specifically, although cheap is made in china. Looking for similar price point but made in USA. TIA.”
  • Su needs: “HELP! I’m looking for a coupon that I can use to purchase a replacement window from Home Depot. Do they ever do paper coupons any more that I can use in the store?”
  • From Tracy on Facebook: “has anybody bought from [eversave] before”
  • Deanna posts on Facebook: “I have a question – do you know of a good free app that’s essentially a database of coupons? I’d love to have something I could use to look up coupons while I’m in the store and see a “kinda great deal” that would be improved with a coupon.”


  • A find from Cari: “I also grabbed Rowdy the Garbage truck (play dough toy). On price cut for $14.99-10% off CartWheel and $3 Manufactures coupon from 10/6 (also available on$10.49 Grabbed a Superman costume for $20, used the mobile Q for $5/$20 Halloween costumes and 30% Cartwheel=$9.”
  • Regarding the Easy Sides, Andrea shares: “3 stars for Parmesan and chicken flavors, and 2 stars for stroganoff, Alfredo and mini shells and cheese…guess for free it’s worth a try.”
  • Charlotte posts on Facebook: “Target in Bolingbrook had a lot of Toddler Girl clearance at 66% or better off. Got loads of cute Cherokee dresses and tuts for $6 for $6, denim Osh Kosh overalls for $5.10 etc.”

Ultra Foods

  • Felicia sends over: “$4.99 organic valley gallons at ultra”


  • A report from maggie: “I got MMs (bag with 18 individual bags), used yesterday’s $1.00 off per bag (and per transaction) and got the 50 cents for each transaction. So came to 50 cents for a bag of individual MM’s. I thought that was a great deal.”
  • Susie also confirms: “The $.50 cent RR is still printing on each bag you by in the same transaction. I bought multiple bags in the same transaction and got the RR for each one. This is at Walgreens!”


  • Jane says: “The Lindt bars are $2.23 at Walmart. They also had some bigger bars milk choc. and hazelnuts for the same price. I picked up 4 tonight!” $2.00/1 here.

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  1. Pam says

    LOL…Felicia, was that Organic Valley at the Joliet Ultra? I was there today, and saw that lonley OUT OF DATE gallon of 1%. (It expired 2 days ago.)
    They had just had a delivery at the end of last week, and I was able to get some. So they must have sold a lot of it.
    The nice thing for me today, is that since they were out of the gallons, they gave me 2 half-gallons for that same awesome price!!

    • Felicia says

      LOL, yes Pam it was Joliet. I didn’t notice the date on it. I buy Amish Farms Organic milk. What’s with that store? They’re out of milk so often. I finally asked if they would special order for me.

  2. Kelley says

    Does CVS allow coupons to be used on a free item? I got some B1G1 Mars Fun Size coupons and am trying to determine where the best place to use them would be. Any advice would be great!

  3. Suzann says

    Becky-hate to tell you this but you will have to pay for made in the USA.
    Try cutlery and more–sign up for their emails and they do have great sales,
    free shipping–I have been ordering from them for several decades. I totally
    detest buying cookware made in China not to mention apparel!!

  4. Outlander says

    Remember that $10 magazine rebate for buying 2 loom things from Plum District recently? Well, it came yesterday! That was super fast! I didn’t even get the looms yet, but got the $10!
    Btw, anyone knows when are we supposed to get those?

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