Reader deals 10/18/13

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Some $1.00/1 ideas from Carolyn: “The Purina cat chow is on JFU for $10.99 so $9.99 after coupon. Not bad if you need it. I just checked and there is also a coupon for 16.5-18.5 lb dog food for $9.99…not sure how good that is cause I don’t have a dog:)”
  • Something to check for from pam: “For the Sun chips/Baked Lays, there is a $1/2 J4U EQ  as well, if you haven’t used it.”

Family Dollar

  • A heads up from Mariana: “I just came back from the store and they said I couldnt use both coupons. They said that the registers were only allowing one and would kick out what ever coupon was scanned second. Has anyone tried this and it worked?”


  • Something to look for from Charlotte: “If you live near Bolingbrook, check your e-mail from Kohls (spam folder?) I got a $10 off any purchase coupon to celebrate their remodeling.”


  • A find from Lisa: “The Kroger in Bradley has (shelves in front of store)12 oz pks of Gevalia Bold coffee for $3.00. I had $1.00/1 coupons so 2 bucks a piece. There were about a dozen or so at 9 pm this evening.” She follows up: “Actually there is a $1.50/1 in the paper so $1.50 a bag. I went back for more when I found my coupons. They still had exactly 13 as of Midnight on Thurs.”


  • Mandy shares: “Check Mperks if you are doing the Lysol sale at Meijer. 13.34 – 8 Lysol wipes -3.00 – Instant savings for spending $12 or more on some Lysol products -2.50 – Mperks off 3 bathroom cleaners -3.00 – Mperks off 3 hard surface cleaners -4.00 – for 2/$2 Q’s for Lysol from Wags flu book ______ = .84 – for 8 = 10.5 cents each, plus tax. Fun!”
  • Sharisse comments: “There is also a $5/$20 Reward for cleaning products on MPerks. I did not the cleaning coupons you did, but I bought two sets of 8 and got the reward. So a tiny MM before tax.”
  • Patty says: “[The Lysol coupons] are MQ in the Walgreens book. They scan without intervention. This I did not know until today. I thought they were Walgreen specific coupons but they are just like MQ and scan at Meijer’s without a problem.”


  • Artie thinks: “House of Cards is worth the subscription price all by itself.”


  • A question from Charlotte: “What grocery stores tend to carry organic grapes here in the Chicagoland area? Either I’m getting allergic to what they spray on the grapes or grapes themselves…”
  • Some options from peaches: “Whole Foods carries organic grapes, or try buying grapes this next week at one of the local farmer’s markets. The farmers there usually use a lot less pesticides than the mega growers in California do.”
  • Mandy says: “Meijer usually has them.”
  • Sabrina adds: “Meijer has organic grapes, and they are usually similar in price to the non-organic varieties.”
  • Some comments from andi: “I’m allergic to green,but not red (thank goodness! Need my red grapes, and my red wine). Jewel has them as well, but quite often priced astronomically! Mariano’s and Trader Joes as well, but have not been thrilled w/Trader Joe’s organic grapes or berries of late. If you’re not eating the same day or next, they’re going bad. I’d highly recommend the fruit/veggie saver by Progressive, however. REALLY keeps grapes fresh, sometimes more crisp than when you first bought, in the fridge. Wash all at once, put a bit of water in the bottom, open the vent, and you’re good to go. Easier for you and kiddos to grab for a snack, too. I’ve found these @ TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross pretty cheap (@ $7).”
  • A few more thoughts from peaches: “I love the evertfresh green produce bags. They are also called Debbie Meyer. I just called the company, and the Debbie Meyer bags are made by them. Whole Foods carries them, and the woman also told me that Bed Bath and Beyond does too. I buy veggies at the end of the season at the Evanston Farmer’s Market when I can get a deal on bulk purchases, and I put them in these bags, and the produce keeps for months. You can also rinse out the bags and use them again. The produce has to be in good shape and freshly picked for it to work though. I don’t know if it would work as well on the typical supermarket produce that was picked a week before it was sold. It is much better on stuff you have grown yourself, or stuff you get at the farmer’s market that was just picked the day before. Here is the link to the company. The Saturday before Thanksgiving Immanuel Lutheran Church on Lake and Sherman in Evanston holds an indoor farmer’s market, although some of the farmer’s are outside, and two of my favorite growers, Nichols and Henry Brockman sell there. they give you a substantial discount if you buy large quantities of stuff. I love Henry’s Japanese turnips and his red russian kale. You can usually get a large enough bag to hold 5 pounds of turnips for $5, and all his stuff is certified organic. Nichols sells at a ton of farmers markets in the Chicago area, but Henry only sells at Evanston.”
  • From karen: “had a jfu at doms last week for the organic grapes for $1.99 lb. they were so …..good.”

Reader requests

  • A question from Raegan: “I’m looking for a deal on 8×10 picture frames and nice photo albums. Does anyone know of anything? Thanks”


  • Ashley shares: “We will be getting a $9 MIR for finish or jet dry this weekend. Just saw the commercial.”
  • Kristy posts on Facebook: “Alcon is offering a rebate on the purchase of some of their lines of disposable vision correction contact lenses when you get a new contact lens exam and purchase contact lenses, up to $100 on a one year supply. You must get an “individual rebate code” from your eye doctor to apply, and a copy of your receipt(s) for a contact lens eye exam and purchase of the required number of boxes of lenses is required. More information at


  • Mary Ann found: “The same 1.7 oz. Degree deodorant that is 98 cents at Ultra is in bins, racks and on the shelf at Walgreens for $1.00”

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  1. Kari O. says

    The All deal works, you just have to find competent workers. I got the last bottle from Fox Lake around 4:30, but they were offering substitutions from instructions from corporate. Check Facebook for details, if you can find a store still open.

  2. Outlander says

    Wait, so is the deal on Degree deodorant at Ultra for 1.7 trial sizes? I thought it was for regular size, and I was gonna go next week. :(
    I saw that small size at Wags for about $1.10-$1.20.

  3. LovinSavin says

    Love your site. Thanks for the promo code for Here is another code…$1.60 for $10 Restaurant Gift Certificates!*Promo code: MOBILE

  4. Christine says

    Little Debbie Mini Donuts are 2/3.00 at Jewel. If you loaded the $1 off of one on savings star they are only $.50 for a bag of mini donuts.

  5. Charlotte says

    Thank you all for the tips on organic grapes and produce! :) Bolingbrook has a farmer’s market on Thursday afternoons, but it’s at such an inconvenient time, that I haven’t visited it all season. Might look into neighboring cities, if they have farmer’s markets.

  6. Kari O. says

    Regal Cinemas is offering BOGO Free tickets to Machete Kills today (10/19). Each ticket gets a free small popcorn too. Offer valid all day and evening.
    It’s a sequel and I consider it an ‘its so bad, its good” movie. My husband loves everything from Robert Rodriguez.

  7. LauraL says

    For the person looking for photo frames and photo books, the Dollar tree has a ton of nice frames. If you don’t find anything there, try Hobby Lobby and use the 40% off coupon that’s usually on their website.

    I know a few months ago, Shutterfly was giving out codes for free photo albums. I haven’t seen any free codes lately but I think has them for 200 points.

  8. Jen says

    I have a question I’m hoping readers can help me with! Anyone have any ideas on getting discounts on maternity clothes? I have been scouting my local thrift store every week on sale day, but that’s sort of hit or miss and I’ve only managed to get a few items that way. Destination Maternity (and all their sub-lines) is nearly a monopoly on the industry–do they ever have sales or coupons? Even trying Target didn’t seem to help that much since their stuff was barely cheaper than the stuff I was looking at in the Destination Maternity store!

    • Kari O. says

      At the end of my last pregnancy I discovered Ross has a maternity section! Loved getting nursing tanks and shirts for $4.99. They also had decent clearance too.

      Also try second hand kid stores. I know the place on Rollins in Round Lake has a maternity section. I think its called Green Kids Resale.

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