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We’ve been out of town for my brother’s wedding for the past few days (more on that later!) and just got in late last night — so today I dragged the kids to the library to return overdue books, then to ALDI and Pete’s to replenish our produce and milk collection, basically sans coupons. ALDI had organic strawberries for $2.29 and Pete’s had organic cherries for $1.99/lb, so that was pretty cool.


2 six packs SimplyNature applesauce cups, $2.98.
2 lbs grapes, $1.78.
Milk, $1.99.
Fit & Active wraps, $2.29.
Corn tortillas, $.35.
Flour tortillas, $.89.
Eggs, $.99.
Blueberries, $1.29.
2 lbs organic strawberries, $4.58.

Paid $17.44. The eggs and milk might still be Villa Park grand opening prices.



Sara Lee bread, $2.50.
Cauliflower, $2.16.
Artichokes, $1.96.
Green beans, $.58.
Corn, $1.96.
Broccoli, $1.37.
Bananas, $.83.
Organic cherries, $3.14.
Sourdough bread, $3.29.

Got $.05 off for bringing a bag and used a $5.00 reward from my rewards card. Paid $12.99. Since we got in so late I kind of punted dinner today and have salsa chicken in the crock pot for later with our ALDI tortillas, with corn on the cob on the side and I’ll make guac with the avocados I picked up last week + some garden tomatoes! :)

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  1. Shirley says

    Wish our prices at Aldi are cheaper here. It looks like we have the same brand of milk but it is over $3 and sadly it is the cheapest in town.

  2. says

    My store just remodeled — it has been $1.99 for like 3 weeks as part of their grand reopening specials but before that had crept up to I think $2.89ish.

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