Printable Jewel prescription coupon

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Jolene is so smart! She points out there is a printable version of the Jewel prescription gift card coupon that I can take to CVS this afternoon. (I didn’t even realize there was a physical coupon — last time they just did it at the pharmacy.) So here it is, in case you can use it as well: $25 Jewel gift card with new or transferred prescription.

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  1. Silviavm says

    It’s an ink guzzler though. I used it at cvs as well with no problems but when I used it at jewel, I just showed them my phone so I wonder if we can do that at cvs too? I’ll tr it next time because DH prefers cvs over jewel.

  2. Charlotte says

    Thanks! I just did this with my $5 generic prescription. Also did some shopping:

    1 bottle of painkillers,
    2 boxes of tissues
    4 bottles of aveeno lotion
    4 packs of Stayfree pads
    and my meds:
    $8, with $19 left on my $25GC and 12 ECBs :)

    Who says you can’t coupon when sick? 😛

    • says

      Awesome! If you are going to coupon when sick, CVS is the place to be — in and out! lol Me, I managed to get… milk… there this week. It’s something :)

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