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Starting Sunday 5/19 at Walgreens, 100 pack Splenda will be $2.99 with in-ad coupon.

Save $1.00 on any SPLENDA® Product

Print $1.00/1 Splenda here or another $1.00/1 Splenda here to drop that to $1.99 — but, like that’s good enough! :) There’s more…

National Catalina deal starts Monday 5/20

Don’t try this til Monday! National Splenda Catalina 5/20-6/16/13: Buy two, get $2.00 OYNO. Buy three or more, get $5.00 OYNO. So:

  • Buy three for $8.97 with in-ad coupon.
  • Use three $1.00/1 printables = $5.97.
  • Get back $5.00 OYNO for a net cost of $.97 for three, or $.32 each!

This would be a stock-up price for Splenda.

Update: Trish points out there was a $2.00/1 Splenda in the 3/24 SS in the SUN-TIMES and some local papers — but not the Tribune, alas

(Thanks, Jill Cataldo)

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    • Shandelle says

      I have a couple of the $2 off any Splenda that came from a newspaper insert. I have no idea which week it was. May have been 3/24. Would have been the Trib, though, as I never get the Sun-Times. When I googled, other blogs were saying it was in the 3/24 Red Plum.

    • says

      Yes, we didn’t get those coupons here.

      The difference is price. LOL — Splenda is sucralose. Nectresse is “a combination of deliciously sweet Monk Fruit Extract blended with other natural sweeteners
      (erythritol, sugar and molasses)”

      I don’t know if Nectresse is included in the Catalina.

  1. Julie B says

    Wasn’t there $2 off Nectresse last weekend? That would make it only $.99. I don’t know if its included in the Catalina…

  2. Theresa says

    Ran this twice at Wags this morning – once with three Splenda and once with three Nectresse. Worked fine with the Splenda, but no Cat on the Nectresse. Also, the small boxes of Fig Newtons were marked on the shelf at $1.99, but rang up at $0.99, so free after IP.

  3. maggie says

    I just got 3 Nectresse, no Cat. You think we should call Catalina and find out if it’s included in this cat, or just assume it’s not, since it didn’t print??

  4. says

    I did Splenda worked fine ,My friend at the makeup counter said no cats for Nectresse and some customers were disappointed Don’t really think this was part of the rewards !

  5. says

    I went this morning and bought 3 packages Splenda 100 PP , and received $5 .I knew they got new shipment last night .Did you talk to anyone about this ?If you bought the right products call like I think his name is Steve ,and they are going to send it to him .it only works on regular Splenda.

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