A price match for your Hamburger Helper Walmart deal

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Starting on Thursday 4/24, Ultra Foods will have Hamburger Helper on sale for $.88. If you have been looking for a price match deal for this Walmart rebate:


Print this rebate to send in for FREE ground beef (up to $6.44) when you buy three boxes of classic Hamburger Helper at Walmart.

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  1. kim palmer says

    since the limit is 2, can I buy 6 HHs and 2 GB packs all at once to submit the 1 rebate form (expecting to receive $6.44 X 2)?

  2. feelgood says

    I think I’ll buy 4 HH instead of 3, plus the ground beef, in each transaction.

    3 HH = $0.88 x 3 = $2.64 – one $1.00/2 MQ = $1.64

    4 HH = $0.88 x 4 = $3.52 – two $1.00/2 MQ’s = $1.52

    • Jane says

      I was also thinking about doing that! Will you mail both of your rebates and receipts in the same envelopes?

      • feelgood says

        I’m thinking of mailing each set in separate envelopes. Too bad there’s no toll-free number at the bottom of the rebate form to call for questions.

  3. Tina says

    If you are too far from Ultra for price matching, Montgomery Market also has HH for 88¢. However, the ad says “While supplies last”, will WalMart allow the match with that wording? Or just not show the ad? 😉

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