Possible Nogii money maker at Walgreens

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Kitty emails: “By mistake, I bought the smaller Nogii bar (1.93 oz Peanut Butter & Chocolate) that sells for $2.49, and guess what?  I got the $3 RR!”

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  1. meg says

    Rachel ,I did this today twice and used the $3.00 from nature valley, of course I bought a filler for $0.59.Paid paid $0.17 and got $3.00.
    Worked great. Thanks

  2. feelgood says

    Confirmed, it worked for me, too!

    Bought a $2.49 Nogii, a Cracker Jack’d for $1.49, and a Cookie Dough Balance Bar for .29 (were on clearance at my Walgreens for .79 minus the .50 IVC in the January monthly booklet).

    Paid with a Nature Valley $3 RR, a Lipton $1 RR, and .27 OOP.

    Got a Noogi $3 RR and a Cracker Jack’d $1.50 RR.

    For anyone allergic to gluten, these Nogii bars say NO GLUTEN on the front!

  3. feelgood says

    I also bought a $2.49 Nogii and a clearance Balance bar for .29, paid with a Cracker Jack’d $1.50 RR and a Lipton $1.00 RR, and got the Nogii $3 Cat.

    Then rolled the $3 Nogii RR’s into more Nature Valley bars. :-)

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