Free Ziploc sandwich bags at Meijer

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Update — confirmed working! New tags up through 6/11.

So this is running in Sunday ad markets — usually we get the same price drops and instants here, so let me know if this works for you tomorrow in a Thursday ad store. :) I know the Catalina was working here, at least.

Well, OK, not after tax, but still a pretty darn good deal, dontcha think? The Ziploc Catalina runs through 6/15: Buy three, get $1.50 OYNO. Buy four or more, get $2.00 OYNO. You can also do the deal with storage or freezer bags, which are regularly priced at $2.59 each, to get those cheap after instant + coupons + Catalina.

(Thanks, Meijer Madness)

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  1. Meg says

    I am in algonquin and I did this for the past 2 days. I had $2.50 on 8 mperks as well. Did 3 transaction over the course of two days and got $5 reward as well ( mperks for buying $20 paper products).
    My meijer had a tag for $2.00 instant saving only through 6/4 but the catalina running through 6/11.
    I am not sure if it will work today.

  2. kim says

    I’ve been to the Meijer in rolling meadows and melrose park and they never stack coupons. They will let you use target coupons, but you cannot use a manufacturer coupon with it. Also the last time I had an mperks deal with the same manufacturer coupon a pop menu came up on the register asking me if I wanted to use the mperk or the manufacturer coupon. They will not take both.

    • Valentina S. says

      Same thing happened to me at Berwyn Meijer today. I was allowed to stack Target and MQ at Bolingbrook Meijer in the past, but this time one of the managers and one CS representative told me that they do take competitor coupons, but treat them as MQs. They do stack Meijer store coupon and a MQ on the same item.

      Even if I were allowed to stack, the above mentioned TQ is good on 20 ct. or larger packs of Ziploc freezer or storage bags priced $2.50, not sandwich bags or 15 ct. storage/freezer bags priced $1.99. HTH.

  3. Nancy says

    I tried this deal on 6/6 and it did not work. I did not get the instant off and the Catalina did not print either. Returned the items. I did get this deal to work a few weeks back, but I am not convinced it is still working based on what happened to me yesterday.

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