Pink slime — what stores still have it?

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I was going to do an updated list of what stores do/do not still sell ground beef containing pink slime (LFTB). However, Coupons, Deals, and More just put together a great updated list of stores and their pink slime status. So, I will refer you over to her for the full list of grocery stores and other retailers and their LFTB responses, and just pull out some of the local Chicagoland stores here.

Discontinuing pink slime — Chicago-area stores

  • Dominick’s
  • Jewel-Osco
  • Meijer
  • ALDI
  • Piggly Wiggly (the graphic on the top is from their upcoming ad — thanks, Lisa!)
  • Target

Didn’t have pink slime before

  • Costco
  • Whole Foods

Will still have in some products

  • Sam’s Club
  • Walmart — they will offer consumers the choice; ask for help in locating pink-slime  free products.

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  1. Marie says

    Thank you, Rachel, for keeping us up to date on this. I am so glad that it is in the news and that stores are being forced to examine what they are selling to consumers based on the consumers response! For those wondering about Trader Joe’s, I read on Coupon Deals and More in a response, that they never have had pink slime in their meat. Now what about artificial colors…see this article for how some foods are made with natural colors in Britain but with chemicals in U.S. and Canada because the dyes are banned in Britain but not in U.S.

  2. Ronald Amos says

    does food for less sell pink slime hamburger name the big food chains in chicago that still sell pin slime.

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