I ordered shoes from Kohl’s…



And they just came — see?! Complete with packing slip for: Shoes.


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  1. Nat says

    Kohl’s must be having issues this season. They messed up so badly on my order that they sent me an additional $25 credit through email without my requesting it.

    • Barb says

      Me too! They didn’t mess up my order though, it just took longer than expected for me to get it. I didn’t complain either.

  2. Tiffany says

    I’ve had several problems with Kohls shipping in the past.. My favorite was when they sent my daughter’s 2-piece pajama set…without the pants.

  3. says

    over 40 minutes on hold and on the phone later… I should be getting statement credit for the shoes. Which they are now out of in his size. And of course they are the shoes Mr. 6 picked out for himself and wants more than anything else in the world.

    I get to keep the snowman! He’s a nutcracker. And only kind of broken.

    • Christy says

      Good luck with the refund. I am still trying to get $ refunded from an order in October. I have made over 6 calls to customer service, each promising a resolution within 2 weeks. So far nothing. I have asked for a supervisor and been put on hold for over 20 minutes (mid November) before I hung up. It is extremely frustrating. Horrible customer service.

  4. Jana says

    I’ve been waiting for a shipment for about 2 weeks – and just like someone else mentioned above I got an email about a week ago saying it was ready to ship. Driving me crazy.

  5. Cara says

    I’m still waiting for most of an order I placed on 12/4… actually, part of it came a couple of days later and today I received, get this… a filler item (votive candle) that came in a box that was probably 12 X 12 X 5 or thereabout… Kohls has definitely been having issues this season. I’ve been hearing about a lot of issues.

    • Cbhoff says

      I just got my order I placed on 12/4. It was just a bunch of leggings for my 4 year old. I got 2 emails saying they had to change my order (one didn’t have any changes and then the other had some removed from the order). Never did get an email saying they were shipping it but got it the day they said it would be here at the latest. Drove me nuts because I live so close to a Kohl’s so I could have just gone to get the leggings. One of the few times I have shopped at Kohl’s. Maybe I will just stick to gap and old navy for that kind of thing now.

  6. Ruby Red says

    The snowman is pretty cute…I received an order from Old Navy that was correct, but the packing slip was from someone who lived in New York. ??? Also – Kohl’s must have had computer issues. They are currently working on my online order that was taking money off my returns for using my Kohl’s cash…when I didn’t use it. I earned $70. So far the registers have taken off over $100.

  7. Lisa says

    I ordered a Playmobil toy and got a pair of men’s gloves this week. Maybe it’s some kind of White Elephant exchange we’re supposed to do. I’ll swap you the gloves for the snowman, as they don’t fit anyone here!

  8. Debbie says

    Two years ago, I picked out a sweater for my husband to give me from Kohls. He ordered it, had his mom wrap it when it arrived, and then put it under the tree. On Christmas, I opened the package and it was the most hideous looking white vinyl jacket thing I had ever seen. Of course, my husband had no clue. Later, when I told his mother, she said, “Yeah, I was thinking as I wrapped it that it really wasn’t your style!

  9. Amy K says

    I received a partial shipment from Kohls right after Black Friday that was supposed to be a panini press, bra & Sonicare brush heads… and what I received was a huge Disney kids crafting pack… totally not what I ordered. LOL. It’s been quite the run around with them to get the right products (panini press is out of stock) & to get the wrong item sent back. Maybe we need to white elephant all the goofy mistake items!

  10. cleob says

    I’ve had the same issues with my orders. Very frustrating. At least I received the correct items though it’s taking more than 2 weeks for delivery and still have not recrived all my orders. To me that is not acceptable. Plus I assumed deliveries would arrive by UPS. Wrong! All my orders are shipped UPS to a U.S. postal station and my package transferred to a U.S. Postal carrier for final delivery. So now that adds another 3 – 4 days, if you’re lucky the U.S. Postal delivers or misplaces/loses the package. If I had known Kohl’s was using this dual carrier method before, I probably would not have ordered. But what good is customer service if you are put on hold for an hour. I don’t remember these problems last December. I think I will skip ordering online with Kohl’s and just shop at the store.

    ow aUPS ships but U.S. Postal service makes delivery to tjd door

  11. Mrsmarypat says

    I ordered Carter’s infant socks and received a women’s size medium blue jean jacket…
    Didn’t get a $25 giftcard to make up for my troubles….boo! My daughter did, however!
    She placed an order that was repeatedly delayed from being shipped…she didn’t bring
    the matter up to corporate nor did she complain…it was a totally unsolicited gesture
    from Kohl’s. Gotta love ‘em! ! !

  12. Theresa says

    Maybe you have cold feet. Oh not for you. I think they have outsourced the shipping to India or somewhere else. Like those customer service phone calls that go who knows where.

  13. Felicia says

    My placed an order on 12/02! Even though I hadn’t received that order, I placed another order for my nephews gift a couple of days ago. The website showed it would be delivered before Christmas but it’s still in fulfillment! What was I thinking? I tried calling cs but there was just a message saying they weren’t taking calls due to high volume.

  14. Jen C says

    I just checked my e-mail and I got one of those $25 coupon emails too. I would have missed it if you hadn’t posted about it so thanks :) My package was delivered after the estimated date. It got here before Christmas, so I didn’t complain. This is a nice bonus.

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