Oily Ultra shopping


I went to Ultra this morning with full intention of price matching Jewel’s Jennie-O turkey price, but my crafty plot was foiled when… I couldn’t find any Jennie-O, lol. So, I went with Norbest at a penny a pound less. Never tried Norbest, but why not, eh? Yeah, I’m spending more than usual this week, but… holiday deals! And it all evens out. :)

So what’s all this?

Centrella butter quarters, $1.38 with in-ad coupon.
3 Pam, $5.64 after instant savings. Used two $.30/1 in the 10/13 SS and a $1.00/1 printable here.
Broccoli crowns, $1.24.
Wesson oil, $1.88 after instant savings.
TW sugar, $.98 with a coupon that came in the mail.
4 Reddi-wip, $5.52. Used four $.25/1 from the 11/10 SS.
Land O’ Lakes turkey, $1.59. Used $.55/1 printable here.
2 McCormick grinders, $3.38. Used exp. $1.75/2 in the 10/6 RP.
4 Orville Natural popcorn, $5.52. Used four $.75/1 in the 10/27 SS.
2 Ronzoni gluten free pasta, $3.33. Used two $1.00/1 printables.
Nabisco gluten free Rice thins, $1.88. Used $.75/1 printable.
Norbest turkey, $7.56.

Paid $30.36. Ultra: A zoo today! Be forewarned. ;) Oh and the Orville Naturals with salt and no butter? Appear to be dairy free!

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  1. couponer4eva says

    I got my turkey from Ultra today too. The broccoli was such a great deal, I didn’t see it on sale anywhere else. I got 4 good size heads for $1.75….. gonna make some soup today! I did get the sweet potatoes too, they had some small ones buried under the jumbos…. got a lot of stuff for $40.

  2. Mandy says

    My Mom always bought Norbest turkeys and they were wonderful, BUT, the last few years she stopped because the skin was very thin, and we all love thick, fatty, crunchy turkey skin. Other than the thin skin, the turkey was still good.

  3. Ruby Red says

    I was looking at your Reddi-wip…you’ll never believe what I found at Mariano’s – Peppermint Whipped Cream! So good. In a can just like Reddi-wip. Roundy’s brand (Mariano’s house brand.) Delicioius!

  4. Mariana says

    Did you do all this in one transaction? When the coupon said one per purchase does that mean only one item per transaction or just one coupon per item?

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