Not So Happy Cash heads up — Walgreens

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Warning on “Happy Cash” — if you earned the Happy Cash at Walgreens last week to use this week, here are some not so happy findings. Rather than taking $ off your $30 total, Happy Cash appears to be pro-rated against the price of each item in your order.

That means that if you use Happy Cash on an order including a deal where you have to meet a certain $ threshold for points, such as the $15 Coke/Nabisco for 3000 points, your points won’t trigger when you buy $15 worth of items. The register won’t see the items as ringing up at the sale price, but rather at the prorated discount after Happy Cash.

(Thanks, Couponing for 4  — and the many other places I’ve read this today)

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  1. Cari says

    that explains it!!!! I had a terrible trip to Walgreens this morning…grrrrr. Well its all going in the Easter Baskets anyway.

    • Cari says

      Cashier scanned my Happy Cash and then coupons and one would not scan so she said it was because of Happy Cash. Took Happy Cash off…scanned coupon again and it did not scan again…but then I was under $30…duh! Threw in 2 cases of water because I just wanted to be done and we were almost out and then didn’t get points for coke/hershey deal. I have another one to use….might just see what I can stock up on that I “need” and have no coupons for =(

  2. Diane says

    Didn’t get my 3,000 balance rewards points for my $16 coke/triscuit purchase. I just got off the phone with 1-900-Walgreen’s and was told exactly what you said – didn’t see that in their ad anywhere!

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