NEW Zaycon deal — Buy ground beef, qualify for $1.49 chicken

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OK, here’s a NEW deal from Zaycon Foods. They just opened up Illinois dates for a ground beef event in July, where you can stock your freezer with 40 lb cases of 93/7 ground beef at $3.99 a pound. But wait, there’s more…

  • If you’re not in IL, they have other open events all across the country, too, so see what’s by you.


IF you buy the ground beef at the July event, you also qualify to re-stock your freezer later this summer with boneless skinless chicken breast at $1.49/lb! Here’s the deal:

So we’re going to make you a special deal: when you buy a case of our famous fresh ground beef at its regular (and really rather amazing) price of $3.99 per pound, we’ll offer you a chance to order one case of chicken at $1.49 per pound. Each case of Ground Beef purchased entitles you to one case of chicken at $1.49.(You can of course order cases of chicken alone at the regular price of $1.89 per pound, which still beats the heck of grocery store rates!)

Once you have ordered a case of beef, your account will be qualified for the special $1.49 price on chicken and an icon will appear on your account dashboard letting you know that you can purchase a case of chicken at the special price!

If you’re not familiar with Zaycon Foods,

  • They sell fresh meat products by the case.
  • Head to local pickup locations at a specified date and time to pick up your order.
  • They schedule events across the country.

How much beef was that, again?

  • 40 lbs of 93/7 ground beef at $3.99 a pound = $159.60 (+ low food tax).

Pickup locations and getting together to split this stuff

In Chicagoland, pickup locations for ground beef include: Oak Brook, Wheaton, Elk Grove, Bolingbrook, Naperville, Aurora, Glenview, Tinley Park, Gurnee, Joliet, Lindenhurst, DeKalb, Kankakee, Rockford, and Franklin WI. Hopefully there is a date and time that will work for you.Head over to Zaycon to place your order now.

  • Please feel free to chat and get together in comments about splitting orders, if these are too large for your family.
  • You can also talk about splitting orders over in the Mashup Mom Coupon Trading Facebook group.

See the Zaycon site for specific pickup locations and times for the ground beef event.

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  1. Kristina says

    Too bad. Love the chicken, but didn’t really care for the ground beef. There’s so much white stuff in it. Ick!

  2. Catie Magierski says

    I got the chicken this spring (for the first) and was really disappointed. I found the “pieces” crazy big -lots of cutting and trimming and tossing and tough to chew.

    • Kristina says

      That’s too bad. I love the chicken. There is a lot of work that goes into it and I was overwhelmed the first time, but I’ve gotten it 3 times since then. I got 80 pounds this last time and was overwhelmed again. I’m not sure I’ll do that again. I get them all trimmed up first (leaving them whole). When I’m all done with that, I wrap each breast in plastic wrap and then put 2 per gallon size ziploc bag. They’ve held up perfectly fine in our Jewel freezer. :) I haven’t bought chicken from a store in years.

      • patti says

        Kristina (or anyone else who’s a fan) – would you mind explaining the benefits? I’m curious but haven’t tried it and I’m wondering if their products have no additives or hormones etc or is it just the price? Thank you!

        • Nancy says

          When I looked at the future events, i did not see boneless skinless chicken breast come up, but I saw boneless thighs and wings. Maybe I missed something, but I’m wondering if this is why is at a low price. :(

        • Kristina says

          patti – here’s what they said about it on Facebook when someone asked: “They are fed using a feed that is a mix of grain, corn, and soy. We strive to avoid GMO as much as possible, but as so much American corn is derived from GMO seed, we can’t in good faith guarantee it. The chicken is indeed hormone, antibiotic, additive, and saline free and as fresh as you can get!”

          The breasts are HUGE. A 40 pound box usually leaves me with 38 breasts. I love how fresh they are – you can tell! While I do freeze them right away after cleaning them up, I really am happy knowing they were super fresh when I put them in there. And what I like most of all is having one big round of trimming and packaging and then my freezer is full of chicken whenever I want it. I have no complaints. It tastes great and is always perfect.

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