New Target mobile coupons — produce, cheese, more!

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Text RECIPE to 827438 (yes, again!) for a new set of Target mobile coupons, including $.75/1 Jimmy Dean sausage, $1.00/2 Market Pantry cheese, $2.00/$5.00 fresh fruit + vegetables.

(Thanks, Trish)

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      • jane says

        You were right! I bought cauliflower and bagged potatoes (no fruit), and the $2 came off. Yay. Cauliflower can be so expensive if you pay by the pound, because it’s heavy, but we love it.

        • says

          I’ve been getting cauliflower at Pete’s Market usually — if you have a produce store like Pete’s or Valli it will be a lot cheaper there per pound.

  1. Eva says

    Anybody know prices for strawberries, blackberries, clementines kiwi. Either locations schaumburg rd or army trial rd. I know prices vary


  2. feelgood says

    If you haven’t used them yet, today (4/23) is the last day to use the THANKS and SPRING mobile coupons for $1.00 off $1.00 fruit ,vegetable, and meat purchases.

    Went to the Lemont Target a few days ago and they had 24-oz chicken drumsticks marked $3.19 with $2.00 off clearance stickers. After the $1.00 mobile coupons, paid $0.19 for each!

  3. Jane says

    They never have any clearance meats at my Target! I was so looking forward to getting some included in that $50 haul, yet they had NO cheap meats you could use the mobile coupons on.

      • Jane says

        I bet you are right about being a Super or not. I think my store is just a Target w/ fresh groceries. Makes me feel better anyway, thanks!

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