New Splenda coupon = $.99 at Wags

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Headed to Walgreens this week, perchance? Print this $2.00/1 Splenda manufacturer’s coupon from the Target site, and use it to buy the 100-ct Splenda, on sale this week for $2.99.

(Thanks, Common Sense with Money!)

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  1. Chris says

    I went to Walgreens and used these Splenda coupons in conjuntion with some RRs. The register only accepted so many coupons due to the fact that I was using RRs, too. I was confused as to why this happened and asked the cashier for clarification, to which she replied, “I don’t know. The computer just doesn’t like it. Sorry!” Any ideas as to why that might have happened? I bought 7 boxes of Splenda, used 7 coupons and had $6 in RRs. I should have only ended up paying a buck and some change, but she ended up giving me back the 3 coupons that didn’t work and I paid $7 for 7 boxes, including my $6 in RRs.

    • says

      If you look at the bottom of each weekly Walgreens deals post, there is an explanation of this. Briefly: At Walgreens, RRs are manufacturer coupons. Their registers are programmed to only accept one manufacturer coupon per item purchased, including Register Rewards. So if you bought 7 splenda with 7 manufacturer coupons, the register will not accept the RR. You would need to add “filler” items for the RR to “attach” to — which is why you see bloggers listing low cost items (like the $.19 papermate pencils) as “fillers.” If you had one $6.00 RR in addition to your 7 mfr coupons, you would need one filler item. If you had, say, two $3.00 RR in addition to your 7 mfr coupons, you would need two filler items.

      • Chris says

        Okay, I get it. It is a numbers game and I have to make sure the number of mfg. coupons equals the number of items overall. Thank you for explaining that to me! Now maybe I’ll explain it to the Walgreens cashier, because she sure did not know!

  2. jill says

    I’m fairly new to serious couponing, and to Walgreens, but I have to say they (at least the locations near me) are the most difficult to deal with on coupons…and lots of time things ring up wrong or the RR doesn’t print.

    I want to buy the Splenda there, but I was told that they can’t take any internet coupons unless they have an additional bar code printed under the expiration date. The Splenda has something up there but I think its just the smartphone thingy. I might give it a try but its all I need right now and I don’t want it if the Q doesnt work.

    Last week the cashier tried to tell me that I couldn’t use 2 or more of the same coupon (even though I was buying 2 or more of the product) because that particular coupon said “do not double or triple”!!

    Occurances like that, along with the having to buy fillers to use their RR, makes me focus more on CVS and RA. And when we do need something “expensive” at the drug store, such as flu shots, I always pick one of the other drugstores. Walgreens.

    • says

      Walgreens is so iffy by store — but they should be taking your internet coupons, and should be taking multiples. I would contact corporate on those issues.

  3. jane says

    Can I use “free Breathe Right strips” mfr cat I got from Wags with their in-ad coupon for $4 off, for overage?

    • says

      Possibly :). Give the manufacturer coupon first, and be sure to have enough other stuff in your order to absorb the overage. Will totally depend on your cashier.

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