New Jewel Gift Card Catalina starts 11/20/13


I know some of you have been waiting for a new gift card Catalina deal to roll around, and Kitty sends over an alert she received today:

  • 11/20/13 -12/3/13: Earn $20 0ff your next grocery purchase WYB $100 in select gift cards. Pictured: Applebees, Aeropostale (not sure, it’s blurry) I think it may be American Eagle? Check signs in store, I can’t read it. Bass Pro Shop, Kohl’s, i Tunes and MasterCard ($25, $50, and $100 denominations only.) Says selection varies by store. 1 per transaction. expires 1 week after issuance.
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  1. Lisa says

    Your right! I was hoping for this deal again this year. I plan on buying the Master Cards as I am going to spend the money anyway so why not get a Jewel card as well? Do you happen to know how much the jewel cards are ($4.95, $5.95)?

    • feelgood says

      There is no fee for buying a Jewel-Osco gift card, only $5.95 for the $100 MC. However, the $20 store catalina off your next purchase always excludes gift cards, including Jewel gift cards. And there’s no point in spending your $100 MC on Jewel gift cards for your own purchases, unless you plan to buy Jewel gift cards to give to others.

  2. Sara says

    I just read on hip2save that the cat is printing at Albertsons for Amazon cards. Planning to go this evening to try at Jewel, will let you know…

  3. Eun says

    I bought a $100 MC tonight and I wasn’t allowed to use a prepaid MC to pay for this one. There was an orange sign (that looked like the store made it) underneath the advertisement I didn’t notice when I picked up the gc stating, “Gift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards. We accept cash, check, credit, or debit cards. Some Restrictions apply.” Is this another case of Jewel changing mid-promo or was it always like this? This was the first time I did a gc promo at Jewel and there were some differences from Dom’s, where I have done many a gc deal, such as you can’t use SCO and they checked my DL. Mind you, this is a store that “knows” me. Lastly, does anyone know what “some restrictions apply” means here?

    • says

      It’s been like that for about two years since the last visa deal that rolled that they put a stop to with this policy and signs. Anyone who’s been able to roll them, has been lucky, lol.

      • Eun says

        Thanks for the info, Rachel! So weird.. I don’t know how they could even consistently enforce it at regular checkout since the prepaid MC looks so much like a credit card. I was reading over at sd that those people aren’t having problems rolling it at Albertson’s. Not fair! I only would have wanted to do the deal once.

        • says

          Oh sure, and plenty of people here have been rolling it, too. I haven’t posted to try it because it is against their policy and many people will be shot down in store if cashiers are looking for it.

          • Eun says

            Well, ya, I wouldn’t roll knowing it’s policy now, but I didn’t know that going in. I’m feeling misled with these “in the store you’ll find something different from the ad” situations. :(

  4. jen says

    I work at jewel and last night a lady did the $100 visa, rolled it into about 12 purchases, my front end manager was aware of it and said it was ok…. all I can say is she was very organized and was also using coupons for her $20 purchases, she got awesome deals

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