NEW Chicago restaurant coupons database


Check out my new Chicago restaurant coupons database here. I just started this, so it only lists coupons in the 4/27 Tribune so far, but will be adding to it each week. Since a lot of you have been looking for restaurant coupons, I thought it might be useful to put all the newspaper coupons in one place for easy findability.

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  1. Outlander says

    LOVE THAT! I can never remember where I’ve seen them!
    Now, if you can also add hair cutting Qs to that, that would be awesome!!! I always see those Great Clips Qs in there, but when I need one, I can never find it. :)
    Thank you!!

  2. Eun says

    Thanks so much, Rachel! I’ve searched for Baker’s Square and Outback coupons in the past, and like Outlander. couldn’t remember where I saw them. Awesome idea and thanks for doing the legwork so we don’t have to! :)

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