New $50 liquor rebate

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For those of you who missed the Memorial Day $50 alcohol rebate, Jen just emailed that there is a new rebate form up to get back up to $50 (wyb 8 bottles of participating products). Head to and wait for the slideshow in the middle to switch to “Celebrate July 4 and save up to $50!” or click “save on your summer drinks” on the right to make the link to the rebate form appear. This one runs 6/16-7/17 and is limit one per household in select states (including IL).

If you did the first rebate you should be able to do this one as well, since it’s a new form with different dates. And don’t forget that both Jewel and Dominick’s give 10% off if you buy 6 bottles in one transaction. There have been $5.00/2 and $1.00/1 coupons in recent inserts (um… 6/20? anyone?).

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  1. Sarah says

    did i just miss it or does it NOT specify size on any of the bottles? Could you get the single serve bottles and submit for a MM?

  2. brittneysmith says

    I can’t wait. The pineapple and blueberry flavors are amazing!! The flavored ones count right?

  3. letsshop says

    Just in case you are all not on the same page ,Jewel has Smirnoff on sale for $9.99 and 10% off on a purchase of 6 or more and most of June RP has $5 off coupons on 2 bottles .So great deal for the holidays

  4. missb says

    Bought 8 bottles last night, cost $58.03 after four $5/2 coupons and their 10% discount. Gonna send in for the $50 rebate. $8.03 for 8 bottles is awesome!!!

  5. lourie says

    does anyone know yet if you can do this rebate too if you previously did the liquor rebate around memorial day (i think)?

  6. Val says

    I missed the Smirnoff sale! :-( If anyone sees any other good deals with this liquor rebate, please let us know.

  7. Heather says

    The rebate form is gone. It now says $8 off 2. By any chance does anybody have a blank one that you can email, fax or send me for postage? I of course waited until the last minute assuming the form wouldn’t come down until tomorrow. :-(

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