My Coke Rewards — 30 points for free 12 pack

Today’s daily deal on My Coke Rewards is a coupon for a free 12-pack for 30 points. You have to have entered a code during their 12 days of deals thing (or enter a code now) to unlock, then click “my special offers” on the top.

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  1. ellen says

    got one this morning. just went back in to see if i could get the 2nd one i couldnt get earlier. still a limit of one but there was a new offer. $25 home depot gift card for 600 pts. too bad i only have 94 left!

  2. Andrea says

    if you click on the full details in teensy itty bitty light grey writing it says limit one. Im bummed about that but 1 is better than none

  3. says

    I wasted 1 hour last night at midnight to get my suppose to be 4 Cokes coupon
    ha ha they changed it last night 11 pm our time how lousy is that ?????????
    Got 1 like to send it back think they need it more then me )O:

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