My Coke Rewards 12 days of Christmas

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Today’s 12 days of Christmas deal on My Coke Rewards is a $25 Walmart gift card for 600 points (thanks for the heads up, VB!). Check back every day for a new unlocked deal.

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  1. VB says

    It goes live at 12 am Eastern. I hit the link at exactly 11 pm our time and the site was running slow so must have had a lot of traffic.

  2. Lisa says

    Just in case you want to know in advance to reserve your points for the item(s) you want, Hip2Save had a list posted for all 12 days as follows:
    Here are the various offers that will be available:

    December 1st – $25 Walmart gift card only 600 points (limit 1)
    December 2nd – $5 McDonald’s gift card only 90 points (limit 1)
    December 3rd – $10 Dominos Pizza gift card only 180 points (limit 1)
    December 4th – $25 Nike eGift Card only 500 points (limit 1)
    December 5th – $25 TJ Maxx gift card only 600 points (limit 1)
    December 6th – $25 Best Buy gift card only 600 points (limit 1)
    December 7th – 2 AMC movie tickets and 2 Drinks only 470 points (limit 1)
    December 8th – $25 Home Depot gift card only 600 points (limit 1)
    December 9th – $50 Southwest Airlines gift card only 1,200 points (limit 1)
    December 10th – $50 Bass Pro Shops gift card only 1,200 points (limit 1)
    December 11th – $20 Shutterfly eGift Cad only 200 points (limit 1)
    December 12th – FREE 12-pack Coke coupon only 30 points (limit 4)

    • Pam says

      Cindy, I just got it to work right now, but is was very annoying to figure out. Even though I already had a lot of points, when I clicked on the 12 days things, the McDonald’s icon was greyed out. On another site, people were saying to click on the “my special offers tab” under your name…well, I didn’t have any special offers apparently. Then someone said if you enter a code, the “special offers” tab will pop up. So, I entered one from a pack of Dasani, the special offers tab popped up, but the offer was for something else. Then I entered another Dasani code, then when I clicked on “special offers” it was FINALLY there. So, I was able to get it about 1015 Central time.

  3. Cindy says

    I found it because of your help Pam! Thank you! There are only a few of these I am trying for and they will all help with teenagers.

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