Mossimo Junior Jeans Target mashup!

Note — if these are the same as the junior jeans that have previously been on the daily deals, they run small, and you might want to go a size up. So here’s the dealio!

So, here’s the deal:

  1. Buy eight pairs of jeans at BOGO at $22.99 = $91.96.
  2. Get $7 off with code 37AVVQYP = $84.96.
  3. Get back a $15 Target gift card for a net cost of $69.96 for eight pairs of jeans, or just $8.75 a pair!

(Thanks, The Coupon Project)

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  1. Tricia says

    Juniors sizes are not the same sizes as misses – I wear a 2 in misses and a 9 in Juniors. They are made for girls too big for 7-14 but too small for ladies i.e., middle and high schoolers. So anything (at any store) marked as Juniors will not be your regular ladies size, just an FYI.

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