More free scrubby sponges at Target

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I was poking around Target coupons some more, and they have another $1.00/1 Up & Up cleaning item coupon on there. The little 2-packs of scrubby sponges run $.99.

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  1. says

    I also tried this before and my Target (Wheaton on County Farm) would not accept it because the sponges are less than the value of the coupon. :(

  2. Lauren Morrow says

    My Target refused the coupon, I told them to take it off, they took the sponge and still charged me for it! And over charged me by $4 on other stuff in my cart, I tried to return it, she told me since I was to one that grabbed it from the spot it was wrongly stocked in, it was my fault and there was nothing they would do about it, 2 months and they still won’t return my e-mails. What should I do?

    • says

      2 months? At this point, what’s your time worth? I’d have stood there til they took it back, and called corporate from the store about the poor customer service. If they’re not answering your emails, a phone call is in order.

      • Lauren Morrow says

        I would have stayed and argued but there was a little bit more that went on with the Manager than I added to the above post and if I would have stayed, I would have ended up arrested for beating the living crap outta her for saying the things she was saying. I really didn’t want to call corporate because this was more of a discrimination what she was saying and I wanted their responses on paper, not just a phone call.

  3. Michelle says

    The cashier I had told me that the picture showed the cleaning item was for a spray cleaner….not sponges. Just like the one today that said the oral care item shows it’s for mouthwash and not toothbrushes. Hmmm….still only looking at pictures instead of READING the words makes them qualified to work at an adult job?

    • Nikki says

      I have this argument all the time at Target. It is RARE that I win.

      Just the other day, a cashier told me she woulnt take some of my coupons because they exceeded the price of the product. She seemed to have NO knowledge of their policy to adjust down. I left my entire order there. It wasn’t worth the argument. Go on a different day, you’ll get a different response.

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