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Just got back from CVS, and Nature Made adult gummies are included in the buy one for $5.99, get $4.00 ECB deal this week! (limit 1) Use the $3.00/1 coupon in the 3/9 SS, pay $2.99 with $4.00 back, and make $1.01. If you also got the $2.00/1 vitamins CVS coupon from the magic machine last week, use that as well to make it an even bigger money maker!

Here’s what I got today


Nature Made adult gummie vitamins, $5.99. Used $3.00/1 from the 3/9 SS and $2.00/1 store coupon from the magic machine.
Lancaster caramels, $3.99. Used $2.00/1 from the magic machine and $1.50/1 from the 3/2 SS.
Dean’s milk, $2.49. Submitted for $.50 back from Ibotta.
2 Almay makeup, $11.98. Used $5.00/2 Almay printable and $4.00/1 from the magic machine.

Paid with $6.00 ECB + $2.00. Got back $10 ECB — $4.00 for Nature Made and $6.00 for Almay — and will get back another $.50 from Ibotta. Up $2.50 this transaction.

Couponing is weird, isn’t it? What I actually needed here was milk. It was cheaper to buy all this other stuff too (OK, the caramels were a bonus) than to just walk in and buy a gallon of milk by itself. Makeup and vitamins = free milk. That’s the “new math.” :)

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  1. Leslie says

    I give my boys these adult chewables, they are 5 & 6. Compare the doses with the children’s vitamins. A lot of times they only take 1 adult vitamin vs. 2/3 child’s vitamin.

  2. juli says

    Rachel, Do you know why I do not get hardly any Cvs Q’s from Magic Machine lately and do not get any mailed to me?
    ( I do not use their pharmacy.) I see your posts and others in the Reader Deals and am happy for you guys. I used to get them…..
    So what changed? I’d appreciate your thoughts….

    • says

      Double check their website and make sure you’re still signed up, and also sign up for that “myweeklyad” thing. And also they kind of go in cycles. I went to the store today and the ONLY coupon I got when I scanned my card was the lancaster caramels (which is in the ad and will print for everyone), but earlier in the week when I stopped to pick up a prescription I got a bunch, including that vitamins coupon etc. So I think it’s also kind of random and the more you shop there the better your odds of getting something ‘good,’ if that makes sense.

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