How many papers? Week of 8/24/14

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The week of 8/24/14, we’re expecting two inserts: 1 SmartSource and 1 Red Plum. See the full list at Coupon Previews.

  • Use this as a general guide, because coupons and values vary regionally. Sometimes our papers will not include one or more of the coupons listed, or that one area will get one $ amount on their coupons, we will get another.
  • In Chicagoland, the Chicago Tribune has the most coupons in it — even if the Sun-Times, or the DuPage Daily Herald, or the other smaller papers have the same inserts, they’re thinner. (Occasionally, the Sun-Times will contain a coupon not found in the Trib, but overall you’ll find many more in the Trib.) If you are outside Chicagoland, you will want to buy the largest-circulation paper in your area.
  • In IL-Chicagoland, you can pick up the early edition of the Sunday Chicago Tribune on Saturday morning for $1.00 at Menards or Dollar Tree.
  • Be sure to check to make sure that the inserts are in there before purchasing — since they are no longer in plastic bags, they’re falling out, not making it in, or getting swiped.
  • Check out the Mashup Mom Coupon Trading Group on Facebook if you’re looking for different coupons or have some you want to trade.
  • Places to pick up additional coupons.

So, what looks good to me?

  • Colgate $1/1 enamel health, total, optic white, max fresh or sensitive toothpaste 3.4oz+ (9/6).
  • Dreyer’s $1/2 slow churned light ice cream or grand ice cream products 1.5qt+ (10/5). In our area, this should be Edy’s.
  • Franks $.35/1 redhot sauce (10/31). Little bottles are cheap at Dollar General.
  • Planters $1/2 nuts or peanut butter dnd (10/15).
  • popchips $.55/1 3-4oz bag dnd (10/15).
  • Purina $5/2 11lb+ dry dog food, 24ct fancy feast wet cat food, 35lb tidy cats cat litter, 6lb_ dry cat food or 25oz+ beggin strips dog treats (10/4) TARGET COUPON. Always good to stack when they do gift card deals.
  • Clear $1.50/1 scalp & hair product ets (9/21).
  • Sara Lee $.75/1 frozen sweet goods excluding pies (10/12).
  • TRESemme $2/1 shampoo or conditioner ets (9/21) and TRESemme $2/1 styling product excludes trial and 4.2oz hairspray (9/21). Always good for drugstore deals.

So, how many?

Zzzzzz. Two? But again, everyone’s needs are different, so see if there are coupons you might use that I wouldn’t need.

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  1. CHRISTINE says

    I am not impressed by the coupons the last couple of weeks. I generally buy 4-6, but it has been weeks since I have purchased that many. Snooze….

    • susie says

      I second that, I can tell you the exact dates lately when I actually bought papers, and those were on 6/1 and 7/27. In between those dates if I really needed the item and there was a coupon for it, I would just get the coupon from my mom or grandmother if they didn’t use it.

      I think this week will be the same, the only coupon I really need is the $3 theratears coupon and that is if it does not exclude contacts one.

      • peaches says

        The only coupons I could use multiples of are the Edy’s and the Tresemmme. They are still delivering the deals handouts to my condo building, along with one or two hoys, Nobody in my building takes either one of them.

  2. Krystle says

    Rumors of a $10/50 Grocery coupon or $10 gift card back on $50, coming in this Sundays’ Target ad. Should go well with the gift card deals going through 8/30. I’m so excited, it’s been soooooo long since they’ve released this coupon!

  3. Pam says

    I’m showing in the coupon preview there were two inserts for this past weekend (1SS and 1RP) I only received a RP in mine. Did anyone receive the SS in their Chicago Tribune? Also I was reading the “Free List” you posted this morn. It shows a “wet n wild” coupon in the RP. But I didn’t get the wet n wild coupon. Was wondering if anyone else did. Again from the Chicago tribune. Thank you for any responds and replys 😉

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