How many papers? Week of 6/8/14

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The week of 6/8/14, we’re expecting: One SmartSource. See the full list at Coupon Previews.

  • Use this as a general guide, because coupons and values vary regionally. Sometimes our papers will not include one or more of the coupons listed, or that one area will get one $ amount on their coupons, we will get another.
  • In Chicagoland, the Chicago Tribune has the most coupons in it — even if the Sun-Times, or the DuPage Daily Herald, or the other smaller papers have the same inserts, they’re thinner. (Occasionally, the Sun-Times will contain a coupon not found in the Trib, but overall you’ll find many more in the Trib.) If you are outside Chicagoland, you will want to buy the largest-circulation paper in your area.
  • In IL-Chicagoland, you can pick up the early edition of the Sunday Chicago Tribune on Saturday morning for $1.00 at Menards or Dollar Tree.
  • Be sure to check to make sure that the inserts are in there before purchasing — since they are no longer in plastic bags, they’re falling out, not making it in, or getting swiped.
  • Check out the Mashup Mom Coupon Trading Group on Facebook if you’re looking for different coupons or have some you want to trade.
  • Places to pick up additional coupons.

So, what looks good to me?

  • Arm & Hammer $3/2 liquid, powder or single-use laundry detergents (7/5). For whatever reason, A&H often chooses to only put their coupons in the Sun-Times, so we’ll have to see.
  • Band-Aid $.75/2 adhesive bandage products ets (7/20).
  • Clif $.50/1 mojo bar single or multi-pack (11/2).
  • House Foods $1/2 premium tofu dnd (7/31).
  • Nature Valley $.50/1 granola bars 5ct+, granola thins, soft-baked oatmeal squares or breakfast biscuits (8/2).
  • Schick $4/1 hydro razor excludes disposables (7/20) — plus more Schick coupons. Useful when CVS does the spend $25 get $10 ECB deals.
  • Tyson $1/1 grilled & ready product (9/8). Stack with the $1.50/2 Target coupon here.
  • Yoplait $.50/8 cups (8/2). Haven’t seen these in a while.

So, how many?

This is a small week. I’m probably only getting two for my own family’s needs.

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  1. Kerri says

    Got the groupon tribune delivered this week – yah!! Oh wait no, all the inserts and ads were missing so I have to wait until tomorrow to get it re delivered..

    • Outlander says

      Kerri, when you bought the Groupon did you have to do anything else on Tribune site? Or it just went with the address you entered on Groupon? Thanks.

      • Kerri says

        You don’t have to do anything else. They will send it to the address that you entered when you check out. I was a little worried earlier tho, because I got an email saying my groupon expired, but I could use the paid amount towards a subscription. Today was the first day I got it and I ordered about 3 weeks ago.

        • Outlander says

          Thanks. That’s why I was worried too. :)
          I’m on vacation now, so I have no idea if it came today. I hope it did!

  2. Samantha says

    My Groupon was cancelled :( I didn’t think I actually broke any rules. I do get one paper delivered in my name. So I signed up with the Groupon to give the subscription to my husband (different last name). But I guess it’s one per household. I even tried the whole Unit #2. It seems silly. If the Tribune wants to keep readers and offers a group on why not give it to everyone who wants one. I’m NOT going to order one another one so now no-one gets my money!!

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